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This list is of how well Stockholders are treated by CONGRESS VS how they treat our WORKERS

Thus is just the beginning of my news collection. We in the USA do not value human life as much a we should, and this list will make it plain that each man, woman, and child deserves to be treated royally from birth on. No nation can afford one wasted life, especially when a cheap social program would rescue thousands. I'm speaking in generalities here, but the specifics are in my notebooks and will so be placed here on this blog. Don't waste one life.

1. 5% Income Tax holidays for multinationals under Bush, but no new unemployment or factory jobs for the worker.
2. Banks are allowed to use Depositor Savings to gamble on the Stock Market and the Commodity Markets-now profit after we BAILED THEM OUT with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.
3. The US Supreme court allows secret ads from FOREIGN COUNTRIES to finance our elections.
5. All 50 States are now Suing 4 of the biggest Mortgage banks for foreclosure racketeering. Nov 2010
6. Exxon paid no Income Tax in 2009.
  • -Nov 2010“Immediately investing an additional $200 billion for job creation for the next two years, in recognition that the best way to reduce the deficit is to put Americans back to work.
  • “Strengthening Social Security with by raising contributions from the highest-paid workers, not cutting benefits for working- and middle-class retirees who are projected to depend on Social Security for more of their future retirement needs due to failures in the private 401(k) system.
  • “Restoring discipline to a runaway defense budget by adopting many proposals from the bi-partisan Strategic Defense Task Force.
  • “Recognizing that with federal revenue at its lowest relative level since 1950 and major corporations such as ExxonMobil paying zero taxes last year, taxes must play a large role in our fiscal plan. Schakowsky’s plan ends risk-enhancing Wall Street corporate tax loopholes and reforms our tax code to once again reward work, not just wealth. This is just a haphazard list of recent news article. But they tend toward the conclusion that everybody is better off when we highly value (in respect and in cash) each of us.

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