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Tonight 1500 workers in Renault, occupied the factory, stopped the work and want to resign from yellow union Turk Metal and join Birleşik Metal-iş. Renault management afraid of the workers' demand and cancelled the night shift. Workers gathered in the factory yard, they are shouting "Turk Metal Resign". Some other workers gathered outside the factory, police tries to disperse workers waiting outside the factory.


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Comment by Devrim Duman on November 13, 2012 at 13:57

The short news  titled " Revolt in Renault Turkey" posted on November the 12th does not reflect the reality. It is very normal for the workers to be sensitive during CBA processes. The other union in the sector is behind the Türk Metal's demand about the provisons of the CBA draft  and wage increases and the workers at the plant have been misleaded by the other union and this caused a temporary short tension.  After the press relaeses made by the Türk Metal Head Office leaders and Bursa branch leaders, everything has become normal.

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