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The World of Education in Indonesia is in grieve! This morning, Thursday (13/9) in the frontyard of an International School named Stella Maris International School that located in the housing complex of Gading Serpong Vatican Cluster Sector 8A Gading Serpong Tangerang District has occurred violence, intimidation and expulsion of two members of the boards of the worker union, Eric Sirait (Head of Bussines Service Unit) and Yohana Paulana Suryanti (IB Teacher of Indonesian A Literature).

Eric Sirait is the chairperson of the Worker Union of PT Stella Maris International Education (SP PT.SMIE) and Yohana is the Secretary of the Union. The expulsion by security has been done in a very rude manner and physical violence has almost happened.


We believed that the company's brutal action was done as a revenge against the employees due to their plans to form worker union and fight for the improvements of the poor working conditions in their workplace. In the 18-years-old school, there are indications of violations against the Indonesian Labor and Criminal Laws, i.e., they has been paying the dues of the workers’ social security  only based on the basic salary not overall wages of which is violating the Act No 3 year 1992 and has created big loss for workers.  The violation of Act No 3 year 1992 has been examined and acknowledged in the Notes of the Department of Manpower, Tangerang District, yet the company continues to ignore it. Timson Simanullang, a former teacher at the school, had even reported the alleged embezzlement of last wage by the company to the Tangerang Resort Police, and is currently on the process of examination of witnesses. Other violations are related to the unpaid overtime allowance, detention of the workers’ academic original certificate not due to crimes or loan, implementation of contract system for positions in core business of which violated the Labour Law 13 year 2003, unfull wage paid during maternity leave, the removal of some nominal of the fixed allowance every year, etc.


We absolutely cannot let this continue to happen. Therefore, the Worker Union will file a report to the Police of Tangerang (for criminal cases), National Commission of Human Rights (for violation of human rights), the Director-General of Supervision- The Department  of Manpower, The Ministry of Manpower, Department of Education and the Commission IX of the House of Representatives, In addition, an international petition and open campaign will be extended to parents  to get wider supports.


Since Tuesday (11/9) Eric (chairperson of the Worker Union) are prohibited from entering the workplace area, his overtime wages remains unpaid and the scholarships for his child has been aborted, and Yohana (as the Secretary of the worker union) starting on Wednesday (12/9) was unilaterally terminated by the company (without termination letter) and then was expelled violently from the workplace (after refusing to withdraw all reports on the violations by the company), left the students with no chance to give them notice and banned from entering the area of ​​Stella Maris International School.


Educator Independent Union - (INERU) Indonesia have been attempting to find solution to these problems by sending letters to the leadership of the Company, but until this press release is published, we do not receive positive response. Letters sent to Michels Senjaya and Pierre Senjaya as the owners and the top leaders of the company have never been responded. Pierre Senjaya, as the Deputy Director at PT Stella Maris International Education, is also a writer, who with Bong Chandra (a motivator) wrote book entitled "The Billionaire Codes" published by the Kompas Gramedia.


"Not your regular how-to book. This is a handbook done right, with real life stories that inspire readers; a practical guidance for formulating your success regardless of your personality trait. I am hopeful that this book will make the entrepreneurial spirit of those who read it and motivate the future generation of Indonesia to thrive."


A comment of  Mr. Rachmat Harsono; President of Entrepreneur Organization Indonesian Chapter 2012-2013, Executive Vice President of PT Aneka Gas Industri and Samator Group, Co-Founder of Redsquare F & B Group on the book of The Billionaire Codes – by Pierre Senjaya (Deputy Director of PT Stella Maris International Education)




INERU Indonesia wishes that the company under the leadership of Pierre Senjaya will seek solution for the problems occured in PT Stella Maris International Education for years and hope that the great values ​​as well as the ideals of the school and the educational values of the book written by Pierre Senjaya would really be a value that applicable.


The company’s response and strong-will to respect the Indonesian Laws and humanity values​​, in turn, will affect the image of the school and the views of the public, government, parents and the international community.


INERU Indonesia supports good, dignified, equal and mutually respectful industrial relationship between the workers and the company.


Tangerang, 13 September 2012


Independent Educator Union – Indonesia


CP. Yohana Paulana Suryanti (085693269444) / Khamid Istakhori (085718111237)

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