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KESK's Statement About Police Operation

Below you can find KESK's statemetn about police operation against their members;

Dear Friends,

AKP government is continuing its arresting and charging operations against KESK-affiliated trade unions’ executives and members. Yesterday, again, at early hours of the morning KESK affiliated trade unions’ executives and members were taken under custody. Houses of trade unionists and the headquarters’ Office of KESK were searched by the police officers.

In accordance with the information disseminated through the media this operation and searches are related to the warrants of arrest issued for 167 people in 28 provinces of Turkey. We, however, have not been informed about the scope of the arrests and warrants yet. Prosecutors’ office keeps details as secret for 24 hours. Thus, we do not have the exact figures of arrested trade unionists from our affiliates. We have not been informed about the reasons of the arrests either. We, however, could find out that 151 trade unionists were taken under custody.

Akman Şimşek, KESK’s executive board member were also arrested from his house in Antalya within the scope of this operation. His office in the KESK' Headquarters was searched by the police for 3.5 hours.

We consider such operations as the indicators of anti-democratic attitudes of the AKP Government against opponent sects. It should be noted that we did not and will not keep quiet about such illegal and actual harassment that aim to block our legal struggle. As KESK, we want harassment and repressions by searches, arrests and prosecutions to be ended and our friends to be released immediately.

We are all well aware of that when we determinedly defend labor’s rights in opposition to exploitation, peace against war, independence against imperialist projects, fraternity of the peoples against racism and chauvinism and when we express our commitment to resist to the repressions and harassment of the order of exploitation, we encounter such an oppressive picture. It should be noted also that KESK and their friends will continue to exalt struggle for labor and democracy and KESK will continue to be against unlawfulness and go on to challenge this picture.

We kindly request from all affiliates of ITUC and ETUC to protest and urge Turkish Government concerning its such unlawful and antidemocratic attitudes.

Thank you in advance for your solidarity and support.

Lami Özgen

KESK's President

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