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= Irish Union that Pioneered South Africa Goods Boycott Now Calls for Israel Boycott

Peter sez:

received this news today from a Palestine solidarity activist in Ireland.

Now read on...

I think a key thing that has been done by the trade union movement in Ireland is the recent call for a boycott by Mandate, the shopworkers union - which frankly is the key union. We're delighted by this, and by their petition, since it moves them closer to the position they took on South Africa. Their press release is here http://www.mandate.ie/News/Global/1060/mandate-trade-union-calls-on...

Mandate Trade Union calls on retailers to boycott Israeli produce

Wednesday 06 August 2014, 06pm

Mandate Trade Union has called on all major retailers in Ireland to boycott Israeli goods until they agree a truce, withdraw their forces behind the 1967 borders, end the policy of settlement in Palestinian territory and negotiate an agreement providing for a lasting peace in accordance with UN resolutions.
The union launched an online petition last Friday (1 Aug) which has now grown to almost 8,000 signatures.
In the petition, Mandate says that Israel has continued to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza and Palestine with complete impunity.
In the current Gaza conflict, Israel has massacred more than 1,800 Palestinians with 75% of all deaths being civilian – including 430 children. Online images and videos confirm that Israel is not defending itself and is clearly the aggressor in this conflict – assassinating unarmed civilians, bombing children playing on a beach and shelling ambulances as they attempt to help the injured.
Israel has targeted hospitals, schools, energy supplies, water supplies and even United Nations schools in refugee camps. The people of Gaza are locked inside the largest open-air prison in the world with nowhere to run. Even the UN has said there is nowhere safe to hide yet Israel continues to attack the civilian population.
Please sign our petition here.

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Comment by Andrew Haydon Alcock on August 18, 2014 at 15:12

This is a great idea. Israel should have been boycotted years ago because of its inhuman, racist and discriminatory behaviour towards Palestine. Its "blitzkrieg" actions hospitals, schools, refugee camps, water supplies etc indicates  that  this Israel will commit every war crime in the book until it has taken all Palestinian land.  The most important hardware that should be boycotted are weapons, but this will not happen while the US treats Israel like a client state and supports its every inhumane act.

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