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February 29: European Trade Union Day of Action and #F29 OCCUPY Shut Down the Corporations Action

#F29 Shut Down the Corporations: National Call to Action Made by th...

Occupy Portland calls for a national day of non-violent direct action to reclaim our voices and challenge our society’s obsession with profit and greed by shutting down the corporations.  We are rejecting a society that does not allow us control of our future. We will reclaim our ability to shape our world in a democratic, cooperative, just and sustainable direction.

We call on people to target corporations that are part of the American Legislative Exchange Council which is a prime example of the way corporations buy off legislators and craft legislation that serves the interests of corporations and not people. They used it to create the anti-labor legislation in Wisconsin and the racist bill SB 1070 in Arizona among so many others. They use ALEC to spread these corporate laws around the country. Read the full call to action here.

If your city or organization is participating please let us know by filling out this form! We can post contact informationfor your action so that people in your area can get involved! Already 30+ cities are planning actions includingPortland, Riverside, Long Beach, Santa Cruz, Las Vegas, Buffalo, Crown Heights and Brooklyn, coordinated cities in Connecticut, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tulsa, Richmond, Austin, Phoenix, Provo, Minneapolis, Dayton, Kansas City, Newark, Salt Lake City, Nashville, Medford, Hampton Roads, San Diego, Hilo, Eugene, Madison, Ashville and Corvallis!

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ETUC Calls for European Trade Union Day of Action on F29 [on the sa...

In the face of a worsening economic and social situation and the ever-tougher austerity measures being imposed by Europe’s leaders as the only solution, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has called for a European day of action on 29 February, the eve of the European Council. Trade unions will mobilise across Europe to have jobs and social justice placed at the heart of political priorities.

European trade unions met today, in Brussels,in a strong and coordinated response to the worsening economic and social situation. On the initiative of the ETUC, a European day of action will be organised on 29 February, the eve of the European Council. European trade union organisations will carry out actions in their own country to bring attention to the gravity of the situation. Jobs and social justice can no longer be kept off the European agenda.

ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol declared: “European trade unions are mobilising to say ’enough is enough’. Austerity measures are not the only answer to the crisis. On the contrary, they cause tremendous social damage. The draft international treaty that will be on the agenda of next week’s summit reinforces austerity. Its sole objective is to reduce public deficits as much as possible, regardless of the social impact. Europe cannot continue to impose measures that do not work, that plunge countries deeper into the crisis and impoverish more and more people. For the European trade unions, this treaty must include a strong social component. Balanced budgets are necessary but austerity alone exacerbates imbalances. A policy of stimulation of the economy through investments should be the solution of choice.

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