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Developing a Counter Swarm-Attack Strategy for the 99%

Developing WikiStrike as a Counter Swarm-Attack Strategy for the 99...

Tuesday, 18 May 2004


Swarming tactics have been used successfully in wars throughout history by a variety of organizations from the tribal Parthians (horse archers) to 20th century Germans (U-boats). Global guerrillas (next generation terrorists) will likely use swarming tactics as part of their doctrine. This technique, in combination with new market-based financing techniques is what’s called a killer combo.

A good place to start an analysis of swarming is Sean Edwards’ “Swarming on the Battlefield (PDF downloads). Here’s his excellent definition of swarming: a primary maneuver that results in an attack from multiple directions (all points on the compass) by 5 or more (semi) autonomous units on a single target/unit.

It’s easy to see the advantages of this type of maneuver:

  • It cuts the enemy target off from supply and communications.
  • It adversely impacts the moral of the target.
  • It makes a coordinated defense extremely difficult (resource allocation is intensely difficult).
  • It radically increases the potential of surprise.

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