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Arçelik dismissed 240 workers after demonstration

Yesterday Turkey's biggest white goods producer Arçelik dismissed 240 workers from their Eskişehir factory. On 10th of December, like many other metal workers around the country Arçelik workers demonstrated against, "yellow union" Turk Metal’s draft of demands proposal for collective bargaining agreement.

Arçelik workers marched for 10 kms from factory to city center. In the same day, Renault workers in Bursa also demonstrated by stopping production with the slogans asking Turk Metal management to resign. But the day after the demonstration Renault management dismissed 35 workers. And unfortunately, right now their fellow workers in Arçelik Eskişehir factory is sharing the same destiny with them and yesterday (on 15th of December 2012) 240 workers were dismissed from Arçelik Eskişehir factory.

Company management claims that “their distributor in UK has bankrupted because of that sales numbers went down and thats why they are dismissing workers.” Turk Metal union Branch President told to Evrensel* daily newspaper that “only contracted workers are dismissed and thats why trade union can’t do anything.” But according to news on various newspapers, some of the workers are working in that factory for around 21 years. In the news story at Evrensel newspaper, it is written that “some of the workers are claiming that, Turk Metal is behind this dismissals and when workers called trade union, one of the union representatives told workers that “if they want, they can go to court”

In the end of this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMJTQjLSZs0 you can find footage from Arçelik workers 10 kms march on 10th of December.

* News story at Evrensel daily newspaper,  http://evrensel.net/news.php?id=43767

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Comment by Devrim Duman on December 18, 2012 at 20:46

The news posted is factually incorrect. The number of dismissals at Eskisehir plant is not 240 but 80  The situation of those workers including Renault will be discussed at the negotiations. Given the global union affiliation process of Turk Metal is pending, such intentional news is misleading the international labour community. Unionization rate is below 10% in Turkey and organizing the unorganized should be the priority. Similar incidents can be experienced in all sectors among unions repeatedly here and global union affiliation should contribute to overcome these problems. Dealing with such subjects during negotiation period in lieu of spending our time and energy over employers does not benefit workers. Let me leave the decision to the readers in the sense that whether or not all these campaigns from the other union are in favor of the workers or the employers. 

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