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AFL-CIO's Secret War against Developing Country Workers: Solidarity or Sabotage? soon out in paperback

Dear Folks--


Despite a high price for the hardcover version of my book, sales to university and college libraries have been such that my publisher, Lexington Books, has decided to publish a paperback version of my book later this month.  It will be at a much reduced price of $34.95, although still much higher than I would like.
However, they have offered a 20% discount, dripping it below $30.
Thus, my strategy to have it published by an academic press…

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19 dead after violent disruption of civil protests in Malawi

19 dead after violent disruption of civil protests in Malawi
Please send a strong message of protest against police violence used to repress peaceful demonstrations by a front of civil society organisations, which included trade union organisations, in Malawi on 20th and 21st July. Read more here

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Propaganda anti-union, Fiji Military coup govt to stop deducting union dues for public servants

The government will no longer deduct union dues for civil servants.

With amendments to the Public Service Act, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed- Khaiyum says the rights of workers have now been enshrined in law and are therefore safe-guarded.

Read more here 

Read: …


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Study: Deunionization A Leading Factor Behind Increasing Income Inequality

Deunionization is worsening the income inequality gap, accounting for nearly a third and a fifth of wage inequality among men and women, respectively. According to a study by Bruce Western of Harvard University, data proves “the role of unions as an equalizing force…


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PHOTOS: 150,000 march for social justice across Israel


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£600,000 Subside for Private Sector Businesses!

Rant Provoking Article

Cash injection to revamp streets is welcomed

Firms have welcomed a proposed £600,000 cash injection

to spruce up the streets they trade in.

By Leicester…


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Financial & Big businesses Proved Incompetent!

Who Will Pay the Price?


The answer is people like the 90 year old who as spend over 50 years caring for his disabled son featured @ “http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Alf-90-tells-life-time-carer/story-13025345-detail/story.htmll”.


All politicians should bow their heads in shame as…


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Join Anonymous – Join Resistance



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How to get a Knighthood and become a Millionaire without Knowing a Thing and Doing Nothing

Consultant  to Knighthood on Millionaires Row


The Gravy Train

@ Suck Up-to Privatisation Station

Why is it always necessary to bring in outsiders into public bodies?  They are the least equipped to be able even manage a situation let alone sort out any serious issues.  For many it is their first…


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Join Four-hour day demand to occupy Wall street


Hi, you all people who believe four-hour day could be the only way out from the madness of neoliberalism, in order to get full employment, a stable economy, free time for all human beings and a better quality of life, must go to te link and vote there.


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“Council Now Renege on Commitments” to ratepayer and employees

Leicestershire Council staff face losing sick pay for short-term absences

Leicester Mercury headline Tuesday, July 26, 2011

@ “…


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Internal migration (within the country)

Internal migration (within the country) is largest in India.  Maharashtra has received maximum net in-migrants. Net out-migrants of state are from Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Bihar. Greater Mumbai receive maximum net in-migrants for urban areas. Today there are many migrant tribals form Bihar, Orissa states in various villages, towns and cities in TamilNadu   and Kerala. Delhi is recently filled with people from south, northeast and north of country.  Majority of male migrate due to work and…


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Do the Media Cover Up Work Related Deaths?

(408 words excluding title)


Workplace deaths increased in coalition government’s first year. As appalling has the figures are, they are not likely to make any nationals or even local media headlines. Do the media feel readers are not interested in such statistic or is it felt, it would jeopardise the building of a stronger work culture?


Despite recession and high unemployment, provisional figures released by the H&SE on 28 June revealed that…


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Do we Live In a Democracy?

Assuming that a democracy is where the electorate elect people to run the Government, the answer is clearly no!

We are only allowed to elect people to represent our interest and in doing so, hopefully stand up to those who control not just our country but all countries throughout the world.


Make no mistake these are the ruling class and they are certainly not people that would ever lower themselves to being elected even if they could ensure they would be elected.…


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Rocky mountain train employees Locked out.

Regardless of your experience onboard the Rocky Mountaineer, one should be aware of the fact that the company has locked out over 100 dedicated onboard attendants.

RM has boasted that they are a 200 million dollar company but refuses to give it's employees a reasonable wage increase after 3 years at the same pay rate. They have never followed the federal labour code when it comes to overtime which has always been a sticking point during negotiations, yet the company hides behind that… Continue

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Horrible Terrible Samsung; the world best company of labour oppression!

Samsung has been keeping antiunion policy: they didn't allow to make union; they physically and mentally violated and even kidnapped workers who tried to establish union in Samsung for several decades; and they violated the workers' family members as well.  Recently, finally, Samsung union have got an official establishment registration from government, however, a vice president of the union has fired before an hour when they received the certificate.

At the same time four…


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anything more than continued harassment by government?

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