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South Africa: Useful Overview of Marikana Massacre and Tensions within Cosatu

South Africa: Marikana massacre – a turning point?

Marikana mineworkers on strike for higher pay.

For more coverage of South Africa, click HERE.

By Martin Legassick

August 27, 2012 – Links International Journal of Socialist…


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South Africa: Cosatu Awakes? (a compilation of reports)

[Debate] (Fwd) Marikana - labour awakes?

Patrick Bond…

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The WFTU-Cosatu-SACP-ANC Connection

Peter sez:

This is from a South African website and it is three years old. But it provides some background to the connection of the (Communist) World Federation of Trade Unions and the Cosatu - not to mention the SACP and the ANC, and therefore to the neo-liberal regime in South Africa.

There are so many points in this speech that I wish to challenge that - exceptionally - I will be interspersing the text with my comments (IN BOLD…


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(PLF)Apprecaited the COSATU Statement on the Tragic Events in Marikana South Africa

(PLF) Appreciated the COSATU statement on The Tragic Events In Marikana.

United We Rise      Divided We Fall 

on behalf of the Executive Board of Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) we are appreciating the COSATU statement  to express their shock and dismay on the lost of  many lives. We on behalf of the (PLF)  presented  our heartfelt condolences to the AFamilies perished in the tragic events in Marikana.  On behalf…


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Article on political terrorism against trade unionists in Colombia


A good brother, Fred Hirsch, just published this article about a current situation in Colombia:  http://www.zcommunications.org/dark-aftermath-of-the-u-s-colombia-free-trade-agreement-by-fred-hirsch .

Please do whatever you can to lend a hand, and please spread widely!

In solidarity--

Kim Scipes

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* Spanish CCOO (Comisiones Obreras) on Marikana Massacre

Peter sez:

This a Google Translation from the site of an affiliate of the (once?) Spanish, once Communist, union confederation, the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO). Whilst it at least condemns primarily the violence of the state, it assumes implicitly, that the much-criticised Cosatu, is part of the solution rather than part of the problem, as well as the possibility of restoring the 'democratic' status quo…


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* AFL-CIO celebrates work for, or at least under, capitalism

Peter sez:

If you are wondering why the AFL-CIO is getting smaller and smaller, less and less influential, then this inter-active video provides at least part of the answer.

Its notion of work is an entirely liberal-capitalist one that would be objected to by no US banker, industrialist, President (Republican or Democrat). And which suggests sentimentally that work is what unites rather than significantly divides Americans (On request, I can detail…


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* South Africa: Democratic Left Front on MariKana

Peter sez:

The DLF was created 2011 as an attempt to gather social movements and socialist tendencies increasingly critical of the ANC, the SA Communist Party and Cosatu (the Tripartite Alliance that succeeded the Apartheid regime). For more about it see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Left_Front.

Now read on...

DLF Statement…


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IWW IU 007/700 and IU 000 message of support to all FWs

IU 007/700 and IU 000 message of support to all FWs

Three years after our last message (http://circuit47.com/mediawiki2/index.php?title=TOWARDS_A_INDUSTRIAL_UNION_OF_PSYCHIC_WORKERS_007/700) calling for the formation of an…


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* Keynesianism: Part of the Problem Not of the Solution

Peter sez:

In so far as a globalised neo-Keynesianism is the international unions' solution to the crisis, this makes them part of the problem also. Or not? Contrary opinions welcome. Alternatively, suggestions as to how Harry Shutt's alternative could effectively influence unions internationally.

Now read on...…


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* Marikana Massacre: Left Labour Academics on the Cosatu Congress and Union Crisis

  • Unions accused of playing politics
  • At a crossroads
  • Troye Lund | 23 August 2012…

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* Another Union International Identifies with Another Troubled Cosatu Union

Peter sez:

Against the background of so-far universal international union identification with the South African NUM, the Cosatu-affiliated miners' union, in the Marikana Massacre, comes this from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). Without pretending to information about the nature of this split, the question here again arises of the whether union internationals can be expected to identify with the workers, as distinguished from…


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* Cosatu General Secretary Vavi on the Marikana Massacre

Vavi says Cosatu will not be weakened

2012-08-24 14:07

Sabelo Ndlangisa

Cosatu boss Zwelinzima Vavi says the attacks on the federation in the wake of the Marikana tragedy will not weaken it.

Vavi, who was addressing the media along with other federation leaders, said there was a plot to weaken Cosatu because of the political power it wielded through its 2.2…


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Lesson observation used as a punitive management tool


As the coalition government's obsession with attacking teachers continues as attempts are made to change the performance management procedures in schools.


Lesson observation used as a punitive management tool.

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Bigul Mazdoor Dasta stage protest demonstration against the arbitrary expulsion of hundreds of workers of Maruti Suzuki

21 August, New Delhi. Bigul Mazdoor Dasta alomg with various mass organisations, unions and social activists staged a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar today against the arbitrary expulsion of hundreds of workers Maruti Suzuki  by the management and the continued persecution of the workers. The protestors also submitted a memorandum to the union labour minister to revoke the suspension of the workers.

It is to be noted that tha Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki…


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