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Self-checkouts removed at another U.S. grocery chain

September 15, 2011

Big Y Foods, a grocery chain in the northeast United States, has announced they will eliminate all self-checkout lanes in their stores by the end of the year at its 58 supermarkets that offer the technology. Big Y first introduced self-checkout lanes in 2003.

After extensive research, Big Y concluded that the self-checkouts not only didn’t save their customers time, but also usually took them even longer to check out than customers in…


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In France and Italy prgressive unions join the Indignados!


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Onur Yolu: 17 Eylül Wall Street-Paris İşgalleri ve 15 Ekim Dünya Devrimi

Onur Yolu: 17 Eylül Wall Street-Paris İşgalleri ve 15 Ekim Dünya Devrimi


Pek dile getirilmiyor fakat Arap Baharı çoktan Büyük Orta Doğu olarak adlandırılan bölgenin dışına taştı bile. İlhamını Tahrir, Puerto Del Sol ve Syntagma halk işgallerinden alan toplumsal bir hareket/ler büyüyerek ve uluslararasılaşarak, 17 Eylül ve 15 Ekim tarihlerine doğru yol alıyor. En son İsrail ve Şili…


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New life in the unions? | Red Papper


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Paper Plate workers Strike under KMU, Delhi

On 5th september Paper plate workers of 7 factories in Karawal nagar went under indefinite strike to protest against low wages and inhuman work conditions at work place. The strike was organized by Karawal Nagar Mazdoor Union. Rally of Nearly 100-150 workers stormed the factory area of Karawal Nagar and raising towering slogans. Karawal Nagar area lies in northern-eastern Delhi and has a population of about 1 lakh workers. Region has nearly 2,000 small and big factories. Some…


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First official Social Forum – Indignados approachment

First official Social Forum – Indignados approachment

photo of orsan

8th September 2011





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Book on AFL-CIO foreign policy program now out in paperback--and much cheaper!



My book, AFL-CIO's Secret War against Developing Country Workers:  Solidarity or Sabotage? (Lanham, Maryland, USA:  Lexington Books) has now been released in paperback.  It came out in 2010 in hardback, but was extremely expensive--now the price is greatly reduced!


If you go to my web page, you can find details about the book, links to published reviews, and a 20% discount order form:  …


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Students’ Solidarity With Maruti Workers

On 3 September, a team of some 70 students from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia formed a solidarity team to visit the Maruti workers who are on dharna against an llegal lockout at the Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant. The visit had been organised by the All India Students’ Association (AISA).

When the busload of students reached the site of the strike, the 2000 workers at the dharna site leapt up to greet them, waving scores of red flags and shouting…


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Appeal to Support Workers of Maruti Suzuki, Manesar Fighting Against the Autocratic Attack and Lock-out by the Management

Dear friend,

The management of the biggest car company in India, Mauti Suzuki India Limited has forced a lock-out at the Manesar, Gurgaon plant since the morning of 29 August. It has terminated 11 workers and suspended 10 more on baseless charges of indiscipline and participatins in a "go-slow action". The company has also imposed a dictatorial and utterly illegal "good conduct bond" on the workers and has decreed that any worker who will not sign the bond will be considered "on…


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Labour Day


                In response to Labour’s Day, Labour Day 2011, the emotions and opinions will be as varied as the number of picnics and parades. These opinions are likely to fall into three significant categories; support, ambivalence and opposition.

                Support is pretty easy to understand as it is founded in the inherent understanding that every single advance or improvement that workers enjoy was brought about by workers and their progressive partners and no one…


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Slight change to blog post on United Farm Workers and AIFLD (posted earlier today, September 5, 2011)



I had added the introduction to this blog post on my own, and then sent it to Fred Hirsch to let him know I had posted his original article on UnionBook.

Fred came back to me, and asked that I add--in relation to the fact that he had exposed AIFLD's involvement in the 1973 coup against the Salvador Allende government in Chile in 1973--that he had exposed this fact within the labor movement.

In fact, for most of the trade unionists in the US who have been…


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Did Ties to CIA-Labor Penetration Abroad Blowback at Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union? (long, but important)

September 5, 2011


Dear Folks—


            There is increasing debate among labor activists in the United States about Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers (UFW).  Their struggles have been extremely difficult, but in the late 1960s-early ‘70s, with the support of growing numbers of Americans, they won rights, contracts and a certain measure of dignity in the agricultural fields of the US.  Today, most of those gains have been lost, and the UFW is a mere…


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Global Unions statement for IFIs annual meeting

Global Union Federations and TUAC have prepared the attached statement for the forthcoming 2011 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. These meetings will be held in Washington, DC on 23-25 September.   

The statement calls on the international finance institutions to assume leadership in putting a halt to destructive economic policies, and to put job creation at their top of their agenda, implementing programmes to stimulate employment through…


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Bullet No. 541 Worker Power in an Age of Uneven Austerity

Worker Power in an Age of Uneven Austerity

It is imperative that new working-class formations engage with the rank and file and union leadership. A failure to do so will create conditions for an increasingly corporatist and narrow business unionism ... In the worst case, unions in these sectors could be increasingly co-opted into the base of populist right-wing (not yet fascist) governments.


full at…


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Canadian Labour Congress President Ken Georgetti to speak at Halifax Labour Day Rally - Monday September 5th

The Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council is pleased that Canadian Labour Council President Ken Georgetti will be one of the featured speakers at Labour Day in Halifax tomorrow. See http://halifaxlabour.ca/?p=943 for Ken's Labour Day message, and see http://HalifaxLabour.ca for details on tomorrow's event and more.

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Kenny Bell..tribute to a strategic and political trade unionist..


I thought  unionbook members might be interested in this:


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Flåthens Swazilandkritikk

LOs leder Roar Flåthen markerte Swazilands nasjonaldag ved å sende protestbrev til landets konge. Flåthens kritikk av Swaziland er på ingen måte feil, men hans taushet og mangel på høylytt kritkk på lignende forhold i Norge og resten av den vestlige verden er bekymrende. Men som så mange andre politikere, kan det virke som om Flåthen befinner i en fantasiverden hvor vi lever i et feilfritt samfunn der slike ting ikke forkommer.

Mange av de punktene som er grunnlaget for LO-lederens…


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