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Buses to London, For Immediate Release, January 21, 2011, Grey-Bruce Labour Council

For Immediate Release, January 21, 2011, Grey-Bruce Labour Council.

For Immediate Release, January 21, 2011, Grey-Bruce Labour Council


            In response to Caterpillar’s vicious and unnecessary attack on worker’s wages, pensions and benefits at Electro-Motive in London ON two bus loads of Grey, Bruce and Huron County residents are joining thousands of others in London to paint a great big black mark square between the eyes of Caterpillar and their corporate…


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Man in coma loses benefits as he's classified "fit for work"


Man in coma loses benefits as he's classified "fit for work"

The government's decision to crack down on the disabled took a …


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Republican Economics: Failure Is Not An Option. It's a Requirement.

GOP Economics


Republicans are very good at confusing people about the economy. Our economic problems are variously blamed on immigrants, blacks, liberals, environmentalists, unions, China, Democrats, women, government regulation or whatever else is the GOP flavor of the week. Conspicuously absent from this are the very wealthy who actually dominate the US economy.

 Republicans say that if we only stick to the tried and true policies of their dear departed Ronald Reagan,…


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Waterman Interviewed on 20+ years of international labour computer communication

Peter sez:

This is the first of a two-part interview done by Walton Pantland on his CyberUnions Site. It seems to me rather slow and halting, possibly because it was unprepared by both of us. But maybe I was just not used to being interviwed. If interested, check it out, see if it downloads, and let us know about your reactions.

Oh and the interview itself starts at just…


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Fasinpat Factory without bosses Argentina 2001 -2012 ongoing

OCCUPY WORKPLACES - International Year of Cooperatives 2012

FASINPAT - Fábrica sin patrón. [Factory Without Bosses] 67 min.

Zanon's owner, an Italian who began doing business during the last military dictatorship and continued for all democratic governments, decided to leave out of work more than half of its employees on the grounds of the country's crisis. Under its terms, or drastically reducing staff or closing the…

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Latest from Oil Protests and Unions, Nigeria (via Pat Bond, Debate, SAfrica)

Nigeria lowers price at the pumps to quell labour unrest

January 17 2012 at 05:00am Felix Onuah and Joe Brock Abuja

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan announced a cut in petrol prices to 97 naira (R4.74) a litre yesterday, a gesture that prompted unions to suspend mass protests to allow further…


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Solidarity Needed--US West Coast dockworkers


There is a major battle building at the port of Longview, Washington, USA.  The US Coast Guard is apparently planning to escort a scab ship into the harbor, where EGT, a major grain company is planning to try to load a ship without ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) labor.  Attached below are details, copies of formal resolutions.  Any help that can be give will be gratefully appreciated, I'm sure.

In solidarity--



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Solidarity Appeal

Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 18:04:45


Appeal to Trade Unionists, Trade Union Branches, Trades Councils, Political Organisations, and Supporters

From: siteworkers@virginmedia.com

Dear Comrades,

Our dispute has reached a critical stage, the BESNA 7* have upped

the ante by threatening to sack workers in the coming weeks if they do not sign

these new contracts.Wages will be cut by 35%. They intend to introduce a new

grade, an installer…


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Boris Kagarlitsky: The Russian Left (including, finally, trade unions) (The Real News Network, USA)

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in Washington.

As the Russian protests rocked the plans of President Putin, who, as Boris Kargalitsky wrote, wanted the elections to legitimize decisions that had already been made, these protests, as he said, essentially were led by segments that were more or less neoliberal or nationalist, but not much by what I guess Boris would call the left.…


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Eric on Global Online Union Solidarity Campaigns (Global Labour Column)

Peter sez:

Well, I picked this one up in Spanish on another UBook page. It was first published in English on a site worth visiting, the Global Labour Column - http://column.global-labour-university.org/2011/01/global-labour-online-campaigns-next-10.html. Surfers comments on the GLC original are also reproduced…


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Nigeria: Class, Ethnicity, Religion and the Protest in Nigeria (via Patrick Bond, Debate, SAfrica)

Nigerian labor unions, government fail to reach deal to end strikes

By the CNN Wire Staff
January 15, 2012 -- Updated 0736 GMT (1536 HKT)…
Nigerians have taken to the streets to demand the return of fuel subsidies in Africa's most populous nation

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Campañas sindicales online: los próximos diez años

Artículo de Eric Lee, de Labourstart , en el que opina sobre el futuro de las campañas sindicales en la red en los próximos diez años. Campañas con destinatarios más específicos (en función de sus intereses o idioma), con mayor democracia en su confección, más orientadas a dispositivos móviles y con objetivos más ambiciosos…


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Free and Open Software Applications that are safe and useful for unionists, labour and social justice activists


Free and open source online social networking softwares:

DiasporaN-1,  Rise UpDrupal



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The worst corporation in the world? Samsung!

The one of the worst corporation in the world is Samsung selected by Green Peace. Samsung is one of killing field to workers. The workers of Samsung can't make labor union because of non-unionism policy. If some workers want labor union, the workers will be laid off as soon as possible and be threatened by all means. How could Samsung do like this? The power of Samsung in South Korea is No.1 economically and politically.…

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Hartige taart recepten

Kinda hungry. Thinking about trying to make some hearty pies. This seems nice, hartige taart recepten

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A call to arms

Hey guys and gals,

I was wondering if you could take a moment to click on this link and fill out the petition and maybe pass it on to some friends who would be willing to do like wise. The victim in this case was a postman and a member who, while off the job tried to be a good Samaritan but paid for it in one of the most horrible ways possible. He is the son of one of my colleagues hear as well in head office. So whether a soccer…


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