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October 2011 Blog Posts (67)

The current Qantas dispute in Australia (OCT/NOV 2011)

These accumulated paragraphs represent the combined Facebook postings fellow Australians and I made during the last few days on this dispute in Australia.


 -- a not so "Happy Halloween" for this airline's workers and the Australian public and the national workforce.


     Saturday's "stunt” behaviour by Qantas management was a highly political act on its part - driven by a malicious ideological and political agenda proven by the timing of…


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Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity

Excerpt: “You guys are just parasites. You're not bringing anything useful to the market. You are lecturing birds on how to fly. You're watching them fly. And then you're taking credit for it.”--fr p7  http://www.powells.com/biblio/1-9780393337983-1

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2011/ 2012 Grey-Bruce Labour Council Winter Warmth Heating Challenge




Celebrating over 50 years of Building Communities




Dear Brothers and Sisters



On behalf of the Grey Bruce Labour Council I am challenging your union to match our contribution of $500.00 to the Winter Warmth campaign of the United Way of Bruce Grey.  Winter Warmth provides support to residents who are unable to meet their utility…


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UK Unions: Solidarity with Palestine - Full Statement


Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS (PTUC-BDS) formed at historic conference


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Adam Hanieh: Why UK Trade Unions Should Support BDS against Israel (Links, Australia)


Adam Hanieh from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) development studies department was one of the speakers at a forum, "Palestine's fight for freedom", held in London on October 24, 2011.The meeting was initiated by the National Union of Rail Maritime & Transport (RMT) London Transport Region and supported by the SOAS branch of Unison and the University and…


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Critique of and Alternative to 'Decent Work' (Tribe of Moles, South Africa)

Peter sez:

I know it is long and theoretical but I do think that if anyone is interested in escaping from the 'Decent Work Trap' and developing instead an emancipatory strategy for labour, then this is worth struggling with. The Tribe of Moles amounts so far, I believe, to a small group of labour-oriented researchers/activists in South Africa, inspired by the South-Africa-based book by Franco Barchiesi, 'Precarious Liberation',…


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'Trade unions and the global crisis' (ILO and Global Labour University book)

Peter sez:

An at least unusual publication from the ILO in so far as, for example, Chapter 3 would seem to question the very foundations of the ILO, social partnership, traditional trade union strategies.

Now read on:



Turning the tide is as much a battle of ideas as it is a question of mobilizing

public protest.  …


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Chris Carlsson ('Nowtopia'): Jobs Don't Work (From Nowtopian Blog, San Francisco)

“Jobs” Don’t Work!

This is a shortened version of an article I wrote in the wake of the 2003 Mayoral campaign in San Francisco, and published in The Political…


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MAID IN THE PHILIPPINES - HANDLE WITH CARE; Ratify the Domestic Work Convention Now!

Asian Domestic Workers hold Regional Conference on the ILO Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189) in Manila


Coming together to celebrate their victory as an alliance of trade unions, domestic workers’ organizations, migrant organizations, and civil society groups in working collaboratively and pushing for the adoption of ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189) at the 100th session of the ILC, more than 140…


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Jeremy Brecher, of Global Labour Strategies, on Occupy Wall St (The Nation, USA)


The People Out of Doors: Change You Can Believe In


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What is the Left Position on the Euro Crisis? (Dick Nichols, Links, Australia)

Peter sez:


A wide-ranging consideration of the crisis and various left alternatives.


Click on...



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Occupy The Streets. Occupy The World 11/11/11 11:11:11

Occupy The Streets. Occupy The World 11/11/11…

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Book Review on Street Workers Movements and Unions (Pat Horn via Patrick Bond, South Africa)

Peter sez:

Pat Horn, Durban, South Africa, is actually the coordinator of StreetNet International, and a former coordinator of street traders in Durban. She is well placed to comment on the value of this unique book by the German-based Turkish researcher, Ercüment Celik. The full reference for his book is:

Çelik, Ercüment. 2010. Street Traders: A Bridge between Trade Unions and Social Movements in Contemporary South Africa.…


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How does Canada’s 1% compare to other countries?

Darren Puscas, reworkit.net, Toronto

In light of Occupy Wall Street and the spinoffs that are growing in many other cities, there have been a large number of excellent articles and studies going around looking at the top 1% of income earners in the United States. I have included links to some of them below.

This U.S. focused… Continue

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Online media and reaching members

One of the biggest issues I as an organiser have is using new media such as facebook and twitter to reach new young staff or at the very least computer literate staff. I have just finished a degree in Public Relations and apart from that every year one of the things we studied was the different uses of social media and the benefits of it. I personally believe that it can be used as a powerful too but as of yet I have had minimum uptake. Due to this I'm being forced to use what I would…


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What Happens When A Hyundai Plant Lands on a Czech Village

Sad, depressing and - finally - comic!

A village gets conquered by money and conflicts between farmers.

One of the hold-outs makes a monument to his resistance out of old car parts.

New workers are required to sing some Hyundai song (some do, some don't).

A young male worker on the assembly line is paid about E500 a month.

Meanwhile, the local production of cabbage for sauerkraut continues.

Czech it out:…


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