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May 2011 Blog Posts (82)

May Day weekend, Chicago, 2011


Labor Beat, our wonderful labor-oriented television show, has just released a new You Tube video on May Day 2011 in Chicago.  This video includes the re-enactment of the massacre at the Haymarket, parts of speeches by Lucy Parsons and some of the labor leaders who were hanged; a protest on May Day against Walmart; the rededication of the Haymarket Martyrs Memorial; and the immigrant rights march in Pilsen.  It's at …

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South australian Pub accused of Underpayments

A Pub in the South east of south australia is accused of underpaying 5 workers some $50,000. Click the link to read.......MSN

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Wage Theft and CEO Pay

A report in today’s Toronto Star (http://bit.ly/ieCxVK) about how many low-wage workers are not being paid at all because employers are stealing their wages reminds me of my own experiences with employers and their dubious efforts to get as much…


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For what purpose.... education?!

For some time now, there has been a myth that has received widespread promotion: that education can help you get a job. Indeed, the general belief for the middle and upper-middle class youth going to university, is that without a degree they won’t be able to get a decent paying job – er – profession. 


Part of that myth has been to blame those lacking education or training or skills for economic downturns or skill shortages. 


Funny that. At one time, employers…


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DHL sparker tillitsvalgte

Styremedlem i Oslo Transportarbeiderforening, styremedlem i LO Oslo og Klubbleder på DHL Supply Chain ble avskjediget fredag 6. mai.  Dette er en helt klar politisk handling av DHL sin ledelse. Bedriften ønsker å kvitte seg med en profilert og hardt arbeidende tillitsvalgt. 

Dette gjør de på den råeste måten de kan. Ingen får avskjed for å komme for sent eller ha en fraværsdag, men når man er klubbleder så er dette det tydeligvis ekstremt viktig. Vi vet bedriften spekulerer på å…


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Resolute struggle of workers and public pressure ensure a partial victory for labour movement in Gorakhpur

All 18 dismissed workers from Ankur Udyog taken back, factory will start from tomorrow

Agitation will continue to demand arrest of main accused of the firing, compensation to injured workers from government, revoke false cases and order a judicial inquiry…


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Australia: Another reason to hate Telstra in the Land Of OZ

Telstra have managed to upset the Printers this Time. Click the Link to read ProPrint

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South Australia: "AND SO SAY ALL OF US!"

One thing you can't say about Janet Giles (SA Unions) is that she is quiet where the media is concerned. Click the link to read on.......Adelaide Now

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Brutal repression of workers in Gorakhpur

Brutal repression of workers in Gorakhpur, para-military forces and police assault and arrest workers going for peaceful ‘Mazdoor Satyagrah’

No trace of women workers, a labour leader and a girl student taken into custody…


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Great article on wealthy individual & corporate tax cheats


The real tax cheats

Sharon Smith

Columnist: Sharon Smith

It's not so much that corporations and the wealthy…


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Immediate action needed! Please call, fax, raise your voice against this lathicharge on workers

The district administration today attacked the peaceful demonstration of workers in Gorakhpur who were proceeding to the Divisional Commissioner's office to start a Mazdoor Satyagrah to demand justice in the case of firing on workers injuring 19 workers and a girl student.

Around 800 workers, including a number of women workers, had assembled in the FCI…

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A young Nepali girl plans to make a movie called "Brave Girl". Aimed at young girls like her who are conned into the sex trade on the sub-continent in their thousands each year. Click the link to read.......BraveGirl

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Article from New Zealand..........StuffNZ

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New South Wales Government Weakens OHS Laws

In an unusual outburst a Justice takes a big swipe at the new State Liberal Government! Click the Link to read on.....SMH.com

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South Australia: Workcover! Surprise! surprise!

No surprise really, to find out the doctors have their snouts firmly fixed in the trough when it comes to providing assessments for Workcover's Peer assessment procedure.

SA Unions has consistently pointed out the rorts within the system particularly with rehab providers. But this "Rann Labor" Government have dived to the bottom of the barrel in their…


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labor education must be defended

Labor education is very important to all of us here is the petion site where you can go…


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"The future of the Australian Labor Party"

This is a Sydney Morning Herald article on a speech delivered by Doug Cameron, former National Sec. of the AMWU. He is now a member in the Australian Senate (Upper House). Read on.......SMH.com

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125th Anniversary of the Haymarket Events--May Day 2011, Chicago


While the Haymarket Event of 1886, in Chicago, and the hanging of the anarchist leaders, "suicide" of one other while imprisoned, and the years of imprisonment for the rest are well known by working people around the world--as far as I know, May Day, International Workers' Day, is an official holiday in every country in the world except for the United States--it is almost unknown by most Americans.  One of the struggles by labor activists and historians in the US is to inform…

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