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May 2011 Blog Posts (103)

Cairo's Mayday: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Links, Australia)

Egypt: Five socialist parties unite; Independent unions lead May Day march

By Mohamed El Hebeishy

May 11, 2011 -- Ahram online -- Five Egyptian political parties and movements unite to form the Coalition of Socialist Forces, they announced in a meeting on May 10, 2011. The newly formed…


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Read on.....Click...ABC News

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Rupert Murdoch started in my home town, Adelaide, South Australia. He ran a small newspaper, "The News" (which no longer exists). Then he went to the UK where he was known as the "Dirty Digger". Now he's an American citizen, but one of the most dangerous people on the Planet! Ask the Printers who worked for him in the1980's at Wapping in London. Click the Link to read....Alternet

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Workers’ struggle in Gorakhpur, India – A report

On 3rd May, in a shocking incident of firing on workers of Ankur Udyog Ltd., a yarn factory in the Bargadwa area of Gorakhpur (eastern U.P., India), 19 workers were injured, one of them got a bullet lodged in his spine and is still in a serious condition. The workers had just returned from Delhi after attending the May Day rally at Jantar Mantar as part of Workers’ Charter Movement where thousands of workers from different parts of the country had gathered to present their 26…


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Victorian Transit Cops are battling for loos, crapholes, thunderboxes etc. Just how many words in the english language are there for a "shithouse". Click the Link....TheAge

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Is the Aussie Media to blame? Click to read...ABConline

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Takes the guardianUK to report it! But, well done Julian. Click to read..........guardianUK

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The Canadian Labour Movement in 2011

May 9th to May 13th, 2011 witnessed the tri-annual constitutional convention of the Canadian Labour Congress and the record of that convention is part of many postings and documents throughout the world by now. The purpose of this blog is not to duplicate this, but is to remind Canadians that outside of the variety of reporting that is open to viewing the voices of 3.2 million Canadian Workers have been heard through the delegates in attendance. No one can say that the Trade Unionists that…


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Twitter Experiment Continues...

Since my (second) foray on Twitter began on 1 May 2011, I have found it both interesting and somewhat addictive. Although I had tried about one year ago, I hadn't really understood how it worked, which I think is very important to using any kind of new technology. My dear friend, Martin, explained how Twitter works and provided very good advice: 'You need to have an idea for what you are going to use it'.

Can Twitter (and blogging) provide a means to ensure those news and views, that…


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Reading Between the Lines

'BT Investors hope for payout after pension cut' 

This headline from the business section of The Guardian 13 May 2011 reveals much about what is wrong with both the economy and the political structure of our society.


It is no surprise that the business pages will reflect the view of business, and especially those of the executive class, but while the champagne corks are popping for investors, those who have spent…


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Apathy is Boring

Just joined a group called, 'Apathy is Boring', which aims to reach 18-35 year olds to get them to engaged in the political process in Canada (www.apathyisboring.com/en/home/">http://family.www.apathyisboring.com/en/home/).


It is an important example which links to Dave Meslin's short but great talk on apathy for TEDX in Toronto in September 2010, whereby he identifies the aspects…


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Union Follow Up on Wisconsin (via Sid Shniad)


Published on The Nation (http://www.thenation.com)


The Post-Wisconsin Game…


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Say No to Olympic clobber made by Slave labour. Click the linkWaronWant

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May Day weekend, Chicago, 2011


Labor Beat, our wonderful labor-oriented television show, has just released a new You Tube video on May Day 2011 in Chicago.  This video includes the re-enactment of the massacre at the Haymarket, parts of speeches by Lucy Parsons and some of the labor leaders who were hanged; a protest on May Day against Walmart; the rededication of the Haymarket Martyrs Memorial; and the immigrant rights march in Pilsen.  It's at …

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South australian Pub accused of Underpayments

A Pub in the South east of south australia is accused of underpaying 5 workers some $50,000. Click the link to read.......MSN

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Wage Theft and CEO Pay

A report in today’s Toronto Star (http://bit.ly/ieCxVK) about how many low-wage workers are not being paid at all because employers are stealing their wages reminds me of my own experiences with employers and their dubious efforts to get as much…


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For what purpose.... education?!

For some time now, there has been a myth that has received widespread promotion: that education can help you get a job. Indeed, the general belief for the middle and upper-middle class youth going to university, is that without a degree they won’t be able to get a decent paying job – er – profession. 


Part of that myth has been to blame those lacking education or training or skills for economic downturns or skill shortages. 


Funny that. At one time, employers…


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DHL sparker tillitsvalgte

Styremedlem i Oslo Transportarbeiderforening, styremedlem i LO Oslo og Klubbleder på DHL Supply Chain ble avskjediget fredag 6. mai.  Dette er en helt klar politisk handling av DHL sin ledelse. Bedriften ønsker å kvitte seg med en profilert og hardt arbeidende tillitsvalgt. 

Dette gjør de på den råeste måten de kan. Ingen får avskjed for å komme for sent eller ha en fraværsdag, men når man er klubbleder så er dette det tydeligvis ekstremt viktig. Vi vet bedriften spekulerer på å…


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