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Started by Joe Balkis Jan 1, 2012.

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Comment by Joe Balkis on October 24, 2014 at 12:07

Fed Ex, Con-way battling inroads by Teamsters union

Logistics Management
FedEx Freight and Con-way Freight, two of the largest non-union LTL carriers in the nation, are battling organizing efforts by the Teamsters union in a closely watched unionization effort.
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 24, 2014 at 12:07

FedEx Freight Workers Vote for Union in Pennsylvania

Transport Topics
FedEx Freight drivers at a Philadelphia terminal voted in favor of Teamsters representation, becoming the first workers at the less-than-truckload carrier to become union members.
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 24, 2014 at 12:06
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 24, 2014 at 12:05

Supreme Court to Take Up UPS Pregnancy Discrimination

UPS Teamsters across the country have their eyes on a crucial case that the Supreme Court will take up this December on pregnancy discrimination at UPS.
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 22, 2014 at 10:06

EEOC Sues FedEx Ground for Nationwide Disability Discrimination

Kansas City infoZine

Shipping giant repeatedly failed to provide needed accommodations to deaf and hard-of-hearing package handlers and applicants, federal agency charges.

Comment by Joe Balkis on October 22, 2014 at 10:04
VANCOUVER, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Workers at a FedEx Corp warehouse in western Canada have successfully unionized,the first employees besides pilots at the package deliverycompany to organize in North
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 22, 2014 at 10:04
We were asked if we just want to ask questions or hear about the negotiations We heard what they wanted to tell us but asked questions on what they didn't.  
@ the meeting it was asked who is in the audience. There was a decent amount of part-timers. There were a good amount of 22.3 relatively. There was a good amount of package car drivers. There was a great amount of feeder relatively. There was a small group of retirees. Its a shame that many don't make it to retirement working at ups. The seats were filled up & some people were standing. that being said we need even more rank n file, so our voice will be heard.
@ the meeting it was said we don't have a tentative agreement. Then it was said they have a t.a. on some issues: student transfers in & out of 705 jurisdiction, home center on sheet for 22.3, vacations for returning military...
It sounds like the issue with the pension is 15 cents an hour. It sounds like they might of agreed on 50 cents but we need 65 cents. ups wants us to pay out of our wages 15 cents into the pensions or trade it for 80 22.3 jobs they owe us.
In the negotiation at one point the rank n file on the committee were disrespected when they did not receive all the material.
They seemed to put the blame on the membership & the bidding procedure why there is subcontracting & not enough full time jobs. We need more full-time jobs now, inside & out!
Once again we were told that we will have a ups meeting before the ballots are sent out. We had a ups meeting after the general membership meeting. Were any of the rank n file told at ups we would be having this meeting? Was it posted on the union bulletin board? Please let me know what happened at your building. That being said WE need to be at every meeting.
They don't want ups to decide what district your in. They want it to be 705 jurisdiction.
They talked about ending the contract extension if ups isn't serious, but they also said they don't want people talking strike. They are talking out both ends of there mouth. They are saying the same line as ups. They are saying they don't want amazon to pull out. That's are weapon against ups. The threat of a loss of revenue, like a strike. They also seemed to give in to ups on the day after thanksgiving. It seems that more workers will be forced to work that day. Their advice is call in if you don't want to work.
They didn't want to give us copies of any of the contract material. Much like how ups did the rank n File on the negotiating committee.
They talked about language to allow the 22.3 to double shift if they want to, but not be mandatory.
The company wanted to change the grievance procedure to put what they want on the docket for panel. ups also wanted it to be the members responsibility to inform the employer of a change of work status.
There was talk about pay rates when you do alternate work  as well as lengthening the time from one year to two years. They talked about a more lenient rehabilitation plan. They talked about high back air rider seats for feeder
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 22, 2014 at 10:02
They talked about radios & ipods in package cars. They seemed they weren't interested in the new tractor stacks. They talked about the safety committee & members audits not to be used for discipline. There was talk about charges for lost ids. There was talk in changing the way part-timers bid on full time jobs.
ups wants the national language on sure post. There was talk of supervisors jobs to be on the line for repeated harassment. 
There was talk of triple time for 8 hour request violations. They should also get another 8 hour request. ups counter was to meet & talk about it. We already have that, its called the grievance procedure. How about taking the work off before an 8 hour requester leaves the building if there is too much on there? There was talk about getting credit for time as a seasonal package car driver, like air.
They talked about union presence at new hire orientations. They talked about the possibility of more b.as  and stewards.
They talked about 22.3 layoff language. They talked about changing the 2 hour gap to 90 minutes. When the horse & pony show was done they didn't say anything about negotiating better raises than the national, especially for part-timers. They didn't say anything about teamcare the elephant in the room. Well first in line was a feeder driver that was standing there long before compost got done.. He spoke strongly about the way he felt on the issues at stake with the feeder bidding. One of the supporters of the moving backward slate seemed to take offense at what he said. Members had to get between the two. Well I spoke about teamcrap. I spoke on how the national contract barely passed with a record amount of supplements voted down. Improvements were made because of the VOTE NO. Even so it is inferior to the insurance we make ups provide. I went to the national meeting in Chicago about those improvements where I was threatened by Marty Frates & one of his thugs. Someone that the mbs welcomed in to our hall after they won their election. 
I spoke on how teamcrap is inferior to what we have. That right now we are covered 100% in the emergency room. With teamcrap it is 80% if we are not admitted on the same day. Some places they aren't even doing that. They also change the 1 punch rule. Right now you only have to have one day in the month to be eligible, under teamcrap it is one day a week. there are so many horror stories about teamcrap. Theres even a facebook group about the horrors.
When the issue of teamcrap was addressed we were told that there was three options & none of them were brown. It was said so under the breath I had to ask again if I heard it correctly. So to get clarity I asked if that means we wont have ups insurance. The membership was told they wouldn't. They wouldn't tell the membership what those options were though. They said it would undermine their leverage
Someone talked about the bad pay & working conditions. They got lip service. Someone called for actions such as rallies or practice picketing. That ideas was shot down. Others spoke In summary they did a little tough talk. They talked about improvements in language. They avoid the topic of poverty wages, until brought to their attention. They tried to avoid teamcrap even after it was brought. We shouldn't expect a fight out of the mbs . It will up to us if we want to organize for better wages  & to protect our health insurance. 
Comment by Joe Balkis on October 22, 2014 at 9:55

Mark Timlin's photo.

Comment by Joe Balkis on October 22, 2014 at 9:54

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