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Teamsters ups contract campaign

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Started by Joe Balkis Jan 1, 2012.

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Comment by Joe Balkis on April 14, 2014 at 21:23
The Local 804 campaign shows what Teamster power is all about.
  • Local 804 members and community allies collected more than 125,000 petition signatures from Teamsters and public supporters.
  • Local 804 leaders won the support of dozens elected officials of who threatened to pull $60 million in contracts and deals that UPS has with New York City and the State.
  • Fired drivers reached out to their customers who spoke out on camera and in the press. UPS was flooded with thousands of phone calls and Facebook messages.
The Local 804 “Save the 250” Campaign is what Teamster Power looks like. Our union needs more of it. 
Comment by Joe Balkis on April 14, 2014 at 21:21

What made UPS wave the white flag? 

Read the article that tells the full story behind this winning campaign.

Local 804 members collected more than 125,000 petition signatures

Local 804 members joined forces with elected officials who threatened to pull the plug on $60 million in contracts and deals that UPS has in New York.

Drivers reached out to customers. UPS was flooded with thousands of  messages and phone calls

Comment by Joe Balkis on April 13, 2014 at 22:36
Supervisors Working 
 Working at UPS is exhausting and the company always wants it done yesterday. It can be tempting to look at supervisors working as a necessary evil, even a helping hand.But supervisors aren’t helping us when they do bargaining unit work. They’re taking money out of our wallets. Whenever a supervisor works, a Teamster loses the opportunity to get extra hours, and extra money in their paycheck.Management always has an excuse for supervisors working, like blaming attendance.But the contract clearly puts the burden on the company to “maintain a sufficient workforce to staff its operations” with Teamsters and not to “send any employee home and then have such employee’s work performed by a supervisor.” (Article 7, Section 3).The contract only works if we make it work.
Comment by Joe Balkis on April 13, 2014 at 20:40

Fighting Harrassment For Inside Workers

Is management handing out excessive discipline for misloads or missorts? Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your fellow Teamsters.

Comment by Joe Balkis on April 12, 2014 at 4:59

Louisville UPS Teamsters: 94% say No

April 10, 2014: Louisville UPS Teamsters today voted No on the Louisville Air Supplement by a margin of 2,840 - 185, a whopping 94% No vote.
We call upon Hoffa and Hall to change course and back these Teamsters in their righteous stand for contract improvements: more full-time jobs, pay for all time worked, and no concessions on health care benefits.
Congratulations to Local 89 members and officers who are united for a good contract.
Comment by Joe Balkis on April 11, 2014 at 22:25

Campaign Stops 250 Firings at UPS in New York

April 9, 2014: UPS is rescinding the terminations of all 250 drivers according to a report posted by Teamsters Local 804.
The Union has also won the reinstatement of Jairo Reyes, the 24-year driver whose firing in violation of the grievance procedure led to a 90-minute walkout by Local 804 members on Feb. 26.
The Local 804 website reports that “All the terminations will be reduced to 10-day suspensions.” The union also agreed to pay undisclosed monetary damages to UPS.
When the company refused to come to the table to negotiate a settlement, Local 804 unleashed a community support campaign. 
They collected more than 125,000 signatures on support petitions from Teamster members and public supporters.
Elected officials stood behind the Union and threatened to pull $60 million in contracts and deals that UPS has with the City and State.
Fired drivers reached out to their customers who spoke out on camera and in the press.  UPS was flooded with thousands of phone calls and Facebook messages.
The grassroots mobilization brought UPS back to the table. 
Ken Hall visited with fired drivers at Maspeth on Tuesday and mediated negotiations between Local 804 and the company on Wednesday.
UPS executives had insisted the firings were a done deal. Local 804 members proved otherwise by staying united, taking their case to the public, and mobilizing support. 
For more information, go to www.teamsterslocal804.org
Comment by Joe Balkis on April 10, 2014 at 15:49

9.5 Rights Enforcement Packet

Tired of excessive overtime and management stiffing drivers who try to use their 9.5 rights?

Use the 9.5 Rights Enforcement Packet .

The packet includes guidelines on who’s eligible for 9.5, step-by-step instructions for enforcing 9.5, and the forms you need to document a winning grievance, including a documentation form.

9.5 Eligibility Guide: A clear guilde on who's eligibile for 9.5 and instructions on how to enforce your 9.5 rights.

9.5 Enforcement Form: Use this form to document 9.5 violations and chart the steps to take to pursue your grievance.

9.5 Opt-In Form: Easy-to-use form to use to opt-in to the 9.5 list.

Click here to download the entire 4-page 9.5 Enforcement Packet.

“We used to get killed with excessive overtime. Now for the first time we have a plan and we’re enforcing the language. We have 19 drivers on the list in my center. We’ve gotten the loads adjusted for the most part and where there’s still an issue we’re filing grievances and fighting for triple time pay. It’s all about bringing quality of life back to the package car driver.”  

Frank Hay Local 251, Providence, R.I.

Comment by Joe Balkis on April 10, 2014 at 15:28

Right to Union Representation: It’s More than Weingarten Rights April 2, 2014: If you’re being questioned by UPS management, you have the right to union representation—even if those questions are not part of a disciplinary interview.UPS Teamsters have rights that go beyond Weingarten thanks to our Teamster contract—and an important arbitration victory by Teamsters Local 804.UPS Teamsters have the right to union representation whenever management is conducting a investigation of any kind.This includes investigations into accidents or questions in the office about production numbers of what happened on the route that day—even if there’s no disciplinary action on the table.If management is asking questions as part of an investigation, you have the right to a shop steward. Period. Until a shop steward is present, management cannot start the meeting or ask questions.These rights are all spelled out in Article 4 of the contract. But UPS management, including Loss Prevention, frequently violates the contract by questioning members on the side and coercing members to waive their rights to union representation without any shop steward present.Local 804 took this issue to the national grievance panel. When it deadlocked there, the local took it to arbitration—and won. The arbitrator ruled that a member cannot waive their right to union representation until a shop steward is present. And no member should ever waive their right to union representation!

Comment by Joe Balkis on April 9, 2014 at 18:26
Comment by Joe Balkis on April 9, 2014 at 18:14

UPS Fires Drivers, Draws More Heat

Officials Call on UPS to Take Back Firings, Come to the Table & Settle

UPS has dangerously escalated its attack on Local 804 members and their families by firing twenty drivers at Maspeth.

UPS has issued 250 notices of terminations in all and claims it has the right to fire any of these drivers at any time. Now, management has randomly chosen twenty drivers by lot and fired them. This is an all-time low for arbitrary discipline, even for UPS—and it will not stand.

Since UPS fired Jairo Reyes and 250 drivers walked off the job in protest, Local 804 has repeatedly tried to bring UPS to the table to settle the issues.

UPS’s actions this week were a heartless attack on drivers and their families.

They are also a slap in the face to elected officials and consumers who have called on UPS to rescind the terminations and resolve the issues with Local 804.  Political leaders are scrutinizing tax-payer funds that go to UPS, including over $15 million a year that UPS gets in reduced parking ticket fees—all at tax-payers’ expense.

Local 804 will continue to work with political leaders and the public to bring UPS management to the table to reach a fair settlement. We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.

Now more than ever is the time to be united and disciplined.

The company fired a group of drivers to try to divide us, create panic, or try to get Local 804 to cave in and sell out. That is not going to happen. Management may hope that we do something rash so they can bring the hammer down even harder.  We are not going to give them that excuse. 

We are taking our cause to the public tomorrow and to the steps of City Hall on Thursday for a press conference at 10 a.m.

We remain committed to achieving a negotiated settlement and getting labor-management relations on the right path at UPS. 


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