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Started by Joe Balkis Jan 1, 2012.

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Comment by Joe Balkis on September 8, 2014 at 17:47

From the first issue of UPSurge in September 1975. Black workers at UPS have always had to fight racism on the job with constant harassment and demands from management for greater punishment.

Comment by Joe Balkis on August 30, 2014 at 14:44
The UPS Store Security Update
The UPS Store, Inc. recently received a government bulletin regarding a broad-based malware intrusion targeting retailers in the United States. The UPS Store takes seriously its responsibility to protect customer information and immediately launched an internal review, implemented system enhancements and engaged an IT security firm.
An assessment by The UPS Store and the IT security firm revealed the presence of this malware on computer systems at 51 locations in 24 states (about 1%) of 4,470 franchised center locations throughout the United States. Based on the current assessment, the earliest evidence of the presence of this malware at any location is January 20, 2014. For most The UPS Store locations, based on our current assessment, the period of exposure to this malware began after March 26, 2014. This malware was eliminated as of August 11, 2014 and customers can shop securely at The UPS Store.
We apologize for any inconvenience and impact this incident may have had on our customers. The UPS Store is offering identity protection and credit monitoring services to impacted customers.  In order to take advantage of this service, please visit https://theupsstore.allclearid.com.  In addition, customers are encouraged to closely monitor their card account activity and take other steps to help protect themselves outlined in the customer letter below.  The UPS Store representatives are available at 1-855-731-6016 for additional assistance.
Comment by Joe Balkis on August 30, 2014 at 13:42

Appeals Court Rules Some FedEx Ground Workers Are Employees

In the latest decision on worker status, a federal appeals court in California ruled that 2,300 workers at FedEx Corp.’s Ground unit were employees and not contractors to the package delivery company. The 35-page decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled that the Ground workers were misclassified as independent contractors, in violation of California law. “We fundamentally disagree with these rulings, which run counter to more than 100 state and federal findings – including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit – upholding our contractual relationships with thousands of independent businesses,” said FedEx Ground Senior Vice President Cary Blancett said in a statement, noting that the operating agreement in the latest case is no longer in use. FedEx in its statement said it’s enhanced operating agreements with the independent contractors, and will change its independent service provider  agreements in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. The panel held that the plaintiff FedEx drivers were employees as a matter of law under California’s right-to-control test the court ruling said. The case is the latest in a series of battles over employee status in the industry involving carriers such as FedEx which is No 2 on Transport Topics Top 100 list of US and Canadian forhire carriers. The case traces to a classaction suit filed in California Superior Court in 2005. Between 2003 and 2009 other classification cases were brought against FedEx in about 40 states also on a classaction basis. They were consolidated into a single multidistrict case which was decided in US District Court in favor of FedExs view that the workers were contractors. The plaintiffs then appealed arguing that the workers were employees based on the job duties, assignments and other criteria. A statement from Leonard Carder one of the plaintiffs law firms said the case covered workers activities over eight years potentially exposing FedEx to hundreds of millions of dollars of additional costs for compensation and equipment purchases.
By Transport Topics
Comment by Joe Balkis on August 29, 2014 at 22:57

The August 29th Progressive Labor Party forum, from 7-9 pm, at the Beverly Unitarian Church, 10244 S. Longwood Dr. briefly tells of reaction to two police killings in Chicago last Sunday. On the west side 500 demonstrators marched to the 11th Dist. police station Wednesday night to protest the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Rashon McIntosh. On the south side police caused a near riot yesterday when they tried to destroy a memorial to 17-year-old Desean Pittman. Please read this and pass it on. Thank you. & Three Days in Ferguson: Observations From The Rust Belt By Vincent Emanuele 27 August, 2014 Countercurrents.org Three days ago, myself, along with several activists and community organizers drove from northwest Indiana to Ferguson, Missouri. We, like so many others, felt an inherent urge to join the ongoing protests and lend our support to the local community. After internally processing over a week's worth of coverage, we could no longer bear viewing the events unfold from the comfort of our homes. After all, we live less than five hours from ground zero in what has become one of the most galvanizing events in recent memory. Ferguson, like many deindustrialized midwestern cities, is littered with strip malls, big-box stores, Chinese buffets, sports bars, truck stops, fast-food restaurants and decaying infrastructure. Located just northwest of St. Louis, Ferguson is reminiscent of the many Rust-Belt towns adjacent to Chicago: Dolton, Calumet City, Whiting, East Chicago, Michigan City and Gary. The houses are falling apart; the lawns are unkept and the bushes overgrown. Unlike suburban-white-America, most blacks living in the wasteland of Capitalism care less what type of lawnmower their neighbor owns, if they can afford one at all. After all, who has time to bother with properly manicured lawns when teenagers are being executed in broad-daylight by racist police? Of course, Ferguson doesn't have organic vitamin stores or "farm-to-fork" restaurants. Although, no less than four blocks from West Florissant Ave., I observed gentrification manifesting in the form of antique bicycle stores, micro-breweries and Euro-bistros. As whites stared through the brewery windows, occasionally glancing at the Cardinals baseball game on the tube, hundreds of protestors marched from West Florissant to North Florissant Ave., chanting "We Are, Mike Brown!" and "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" I could't help but note that every-single-one of the brewery patrons were white, some smirked as we walked by, others angrily staring, and yet even more refused to acknowledge our very presence. Upon arriving at the Ferguson Police Department late Wednesday evening, we were greeted by several dozen protesters who had set up an encampment across the street. With bullhorns blazing and protestors chanting, people began to share personal stories concerning militarization, police brutality, racism and poverty. One protestor, an older black woman, took the bullhorn and gathered our group in a large circle. Hand-in-hand, black and white, the local ministers led us in prayer. Honestly, while many of us would rather get our teeth pulled, than pray, the sacred performance allowed an opportunity for total strangers to become immediately intimate. Holding hands is a powerful act, especially in a society as alienated and segregated as modern-America. We expressed our love, fear, anger, resentment, solidarity and frustration. During the prayer, Mother Nature decided to cool us down with a nice shower. Some ran to their cars; many continued to pray. Others, including myself, joined a couple dozen protestors who continued to march back to West Florissant Ave. in what turned out to be a quick, yet wicked thunderstorm. With rain pounding our heads, and lighting stretching from one end of the sky to the other, those marching maintained good morale and jovial spirits. When we arrived at West Florissant, we could see the crowd growing.

Comment by Joe Balkis on August 28, 2014 at 16:23
Some customers of The UPS Store may have had their credit and debit card information exposed by a computer virus found on systems at 51 stores in 24 states.
A spokeswoman for UPS says the information includes names, card numbers and postal and email addresses from about 100,000 transactions between Jan. 20 and Aug. 11.
United Parcel Service Inc. said Wednesday that it was among U.S. retailers who got a Department of Homeland Security bulletin about the malware on July 31. The malware is not identified by current anti-virus software.
The company is not aware of any fraud related to the attack, spokeswoman Chelsea Lee said.
Atlanta-based UPS said it hired a security firm that found the virus in systems at about 1 percent of the company's 4,470 franchised locations. At many stores, the intrusion did not begin until March or April.
Lee said that the problem was fixed by Aug. 11 and the company took additional steps to protect systems at other stores. She said the affected stores were not linked electronically, and UPS is still investigating how they were compromised.
UPS said it is providing identity protection and credit monitoring help to affected customers.
The affected stores were in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.
From the company's description, the breach appeared far smaller than one that hit Target Corp. during the holiday-shopping season, when hackers stole credit and debit card information involving millions of customers. Fallout from the incident is still hurting profits. Target, which said Wednesday that second-quarter profit fell 62 percent, has spent $235 million related to the breach, partly offset by $90 million in insurance payments.
The UPS breach won't have a material financial impact on the company, Lee said.
Last week, Supervalu said that hackers might have stolen names, account numbers, expiration dates and other information from card holders who shopped at up to 200 of its grocery and liquor stores. Restaurant operator P.F. Chang's, Goodwill thrift stores and other retailers have been hit by data breaches.
A list of the 51 locations of The UPS Store where malware was discovered is at Home
Comment by Joe Balkis on August 28, 2014 at 2:16

NTSB will release final report on UPS crash September 9

By Robert Stevenson - email
By Jonathan Hardison - bio | email
Source: WBRC videoSource: WBRC video
We now know when the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will release their final findings into the accident - and who won't be a part of that report.
Comment by Joe Balkis on August 28, 2014 at 2:09

On September 9, the NTSB will release its findings on what caused the crash.

On Monday, the NTSB told UPS and its pilots' union, the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), they are out of the agency's investigation because the board says both made public statements about the cause of the accident before the investigation finished.
Earlier this month, the union released a statement blaming the accident on the flight crew's fatigue and calling for a change in the rules governing cargo pilots' schedules.
The union told us today they're not commenting on this move to remove their "party status" from the investigation.
The NTSB says it may grant "party status" to those organizations that are able to provide technical assistance in an investigation.
A condition to that status is that parties agree to not release investigative information, analysis, or comment on findings, to the media without consulting with the NTSB.
When the investigation is over, those restrictions are lifted.
A UPS spokesperson told us they were "surprised and disappointed" by the NTSB's decision but maintains the company takes compliance with investigation rules seriously.
The crash of the Airbus A300 on final approach to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport on August 14, 2013 killed both pilots.
Brian Gaudet, spokesperson for the IPA, gave us this statement:
"The Independent Pilots Association will not comment on today's NTSB press release and will refrain from commenting on the Flight 1354 accident until the NTSB releases its final report."
Mike Mangeot, UPS spokesperson, said in a phone interview that UPS has never had its party status removed from an NTSB investigation before.
He said UPS "applauds the unbiased and scientific" investigations of the NTSB and appreciate the work they have done.
He concluded by saying UPS wants to find the cause of the crash so this can be prevented in the future.
Copyright 2014 WBRC. All rights reserved.

Comment by Joe Balkis on August 26, 2014 at 13:19
IRB Charges All Local 710 Officers 
 The Independent Review Board (IRB) has moved to bring charges against all the officers of Chicago Local 710. According to the report of charges dated August 15, all members of the Executive Board violated their fiduciary duty when they repeatedly approved the purchase of excess visa gift cards under the control of Local Secretary Treasurer Pat Flynn.
Flynn was charged in July, and on July 30 the local was put into trusteeship following a recommendation by the IRB. Those actions are detailed here.
The new charges hit Local 710 president Mike Sweeney and fellow officers Gerald Pauli, Charles DeCola, Larry Alexander, Anthony Lamy, and Kevin Wagoner. They were already removed from office when the trusteeship was imposed. Now they face a hearing and possible expulsion or suspension from Teamster membership.
The report states that between 2008 and September 2013, the officers breached their fiduciary duty and failed to protect the members’ assets. For example, in November 2011 they approved the purchase of 1000 visa gift cards to be given to meeting attendees, but only 600 members were present, and the remaining 400 cards were under Flynn’s personal control.
Hoffa appointed International vice president John Coli as Trustee of Local 710. Coli has no experience in representing the UPS, freight, trucking, and grocery Teamsters who make up the 13,000 member local. He has political operative Brian Rainville running the local. Rainville was paid $178,080 in 2013 by the International and Chicago Joint Council 25. Some 7000 UPS Teamsters in Local 710 rejected a concessionary contract last February by 73% No vote, and have heard nothing since about negotiating an improved contract.
Comment by Joe Balkis on August 25, 2014 at 13:22

Fired for making over million dollars, yet current CEO made $1,096,721 in 2013. Scoll to page 8 on the bottom, and you can see how much of your donation is going to pay a lot of people over $200k a year, and a few over # $ $300k. https://s3.amazonaws.com/.../2d46a6c340d7ec84af_fgm6br150...

Comment by Joe Balkis on August 25, 2014 at 13:17

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