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Started by Joe Balkis Jan 1, 2012.

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Comment by Joe Balkis 17 hours ago

St Louis: IRB Charges St. Louis Bad Apple

Fortunately, Ryan is no longer a union rep, as his activities were exposed within the union.  

The IRB charges and report are available here.

Ryan served as the construction industry BA starting in 2009, until he was fired in 2012 by Local 525 principal officer Thomas Pelot, who became aware of his shameful betrayal of Teamster principles. Unfortunately, he was again hired as a BA, by St Louis Local 682 in 2013 and served until he resigned last month, with IRB charges coming.

Ryan is charged with payoff from a construction company, Stutz Excavating, in the form of free construction work at his home, and free automobiles supplied by a dealership owned by the Stutz family. He approved a substandard contract with Stutz without a secret ballot vote of the members, and even tried to extend concessions to other locals, including Local 50, for Stutz. He is also charged with manipulating the union referral list to get jobs improperly for his brother, sister, uncle, and several friends   

When the IRB questioned him, he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in response to key questions involving alleged gifts from the employer.

Thankfully, his Teamster career of misdeeds appears to be over.

Comment by Joe Balkis 17 hours ago

IRB Charges Connecticut Local 1150 President with Embezzlement

 The Independent Review Board (IRB) has brought embezzlement charges against Harvey Jackson, the president of Local 1150, which represents Sikorsky Aircraft Teamsters at plants in Connecticut, Alabama, and Florida.

The charges and investigative report are available here.

Jackson is charged with using the union credit card to buy at least $13,000 worth of electronics for his personal use, including: expensive projectors, speakers, cameras, cell phones, DVD player, Blu-ray player, a laptop, Bose headphones, and more.

Jackson was paid $141,744 in salary in 2013 by Local 1150. He should buy his own electronics. 

Comment by Joe Balkis on Tuesday

Historic 1934 Minneapolis Teamster Strike Commemorated

 A series of events – a march, rally, concert, and picnic – were held July 19-20 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the historic 1934 Minneapolis Teamster strike. Hundreds of people turned out to honor this historic labor victory.
Picnic goers heard speakers who talked about current labor struggles and organizing drives. The program was chaired by TDU activist and Local 120 retiree Bob McNattin as well as SEIU member Linda Leighton – a granddaughter of V.R. Dunne, one of the 1934 Teamster leaders. A couple of Teamster officials spoke, including Paul Slattery, the political and organizing representative of Teamsters Local 120.
Music was coordinated by Larry Long, a pro-labor singer. A solidarity chorus from Wisconsin pitched in as well.
The weekend kicked off with a march, sponsored by Teamsters Local 120, which included a brass band playing the labor anthem, “Which Side Are You On?”
Labor’s Turning Point
The 1934 Minneapolis Teamster strike grew into a broad workers struggle. Their slogan was “Make Minneapolis a Union Town” and they did it. The strike leaders – with no help initially from the International union – went to organize trucking across the Midwest and beyond.
A young Teamster from Detroit named James R. Hoffa joined in that organizing effort. In Hoffa’s autobiography, he stated that Minneapolis leader Farrell Dobbs was his greatest teacher.
The Teamsters union grew in the next decade from a small craft union to a mighty industrial force, and the Minneapolis strikers provided much of the inspiration and the leadership. 
Comment by Joe Balkis on Monday

U.S. DOT: YRC fleet nears federal intervention levelAustin Alonzo Kansas City Business Journal

View the original piece YRC Freight's fleet is in a worse state of repair than most of its main competitors' fleets, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Transportation. In fact, the state of the YRC Freight fleet's vehicle maintenance is close to a threshold requiring federal intervention according to statistics from the DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.Click here to read more at the Kansas City Business Journal.
Comment by Joe Balkis on Sunday

Workers vote to unionize at three Hostess cake plants 7/17/2014 - by Josh Sosland

KANSAS CITY — Workers at three of the four snack cake plants operated by Hostess Brands L.L.C. have voted to unionize, according to the union representing the bakery workers.
The three plants are located in Indianapolis; Schiller Park, Ill.; and Columbus, Ga. The votes to unionize at the plants were confirmed by a spokesperson for the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers International Union July 17. The spokesperson declined to elaborate further on the vote.
Representatives of Hostess offered Milling & Baking News a brief comment on the unionization vote but similarly declined to say much more about what transpired.
“We have always maintained that it would be up to our employees to determine whether they wanted to unionize or not,” the company said. “We respect the decisions of the employees who have chosen to do so at the three bakeries noted.”
The plants were acquired in 2013 as part of the $410 million purchase by HB Holdings L.L.C., an affiliate of Apollo Global Management L.L.C. and Metropoulos & Co., of most of the snack cake assets of Hostess Brands Inc.
Hostess operates a fourth plant, in Emporia, Kas. Significant production capacity expansions have been made at the Emporia plant since the 2013 acquisition.
The B.C.T.G.M. factored importantly in events that brought about the acquisition of the plants by HB Holdings. A November 2012 strike spearheaded by the B.C.T.G.M. precipitated a decision by Hostess to halt operations and liquidate its assets. Most of the company’s 36 baking plants remain closed 20 months later.
Four of the five snack cake plants acquired by Apollo and Metropoulos have reopened (the fifth, in Los Angeles has not), but a decision to operate the plants without unionized workers spurred criticism last summer from the B.C.T.G.M.
“The long-term viability of this effort is highly uncertain,” David Durkee, the union’s president, said in a July 2013 letter. “Rather than hire professional, experienced bakers who have produced quality snack cakes in the company’s bakeries for decades, Hostess management has chosen instead to hire primarily workers with little or no experience in the demanding wholesale snack cake baking industry.
“The B.C.T.G.M. has consistently stated our interest in working cooperatively and productively with the new owners of this company. We have always maintained that the experience, skill and professionalism of our members offer the new owners, who have no experience in the wholesale snack cake business, the best chance for long-term success in consistently putting out a quality product.”
Comment by Joe Balkis on Saturday

Corruption-Free? Not so Fast

 Hoffa claims there’s no need for an anti-corruption body in our union because corruption is a thing of the past. Meanwhile, two Hoffa campaign donors have been busted this week on charges of stealing members’ dues and taking employer payoffs.
The Hoffa administration has retained two attorneys who formerly worked for President George W. Bush to try to end the members Right to Vote, and also the Independent Review Board (IRB). 
The IRB independently investigates corruption in the Teamsters. The Hoffa administration says the IRB should be eliminated because Teamster corruption is a thing of the past.
That is news to Teamster members in Connecticut Local 1150 where the IRB has charged the top official with embezzling union funds and in St. Louis area construction locals where the IRB has caught a union representative taking payoffs in exchange for sweetheart contracts.
When TDU was founded organized crime dominated the Teamsters Union at its highest levels. There’s no doubt that Teamster corruption is down since then, but that is precisely because members have the Right to Vote and an independent anti-corruption watchdog.
TDU is organizing members to defend the Right to Vote and root out corruption in the union. If you share these goals, you can say so by signing this petition.
More coverage:
Comment by Joe Balkis on July 26, 2014 at 14:34

Beating Management at The Grievance Game

July 24, 2014: How can you protect members and enforce the contract when management is trying to derail the grievance procedure

Comment by Joe Balkis on July 26, 2014 at 10:35

Daimler Demonstrates a Self-Driving Truck

Melissa Eddy
The New York Times
July 18, 2014

For Daimler, the truck driver of the future looks something like this: He is seated in the cab of a semi, eyes on a tablet and hands resting in his lap.

Daimler demonstrated its vision Thursday along a stretch of the A14 autobahn near Magdeburg in eastern Germany, the culmination of years of innovation. It says the vehicle — called the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025, a nod to the year the carmaker hopes it will be introduced — is capable of responding to traffic while driving completely autonomously down a freeway at speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour, or 52 miles per hour.

Click here to read more at The New York Times.

Comment by Joe Balkis on July 22, 2014 at 3:28

PBGC Chief to Re-join Private Sector

Asset International
The director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) is to leave his post in August after four years in the role.
Comment by Joe Balkis on July 22, 2014 at 3:28

Amazon Seeks FAA Permission to Test Delivery Drones Outdoors

Bloomberg News
Amazon.com Inc., which wants to deliver packages by drone, asked aviation regulators for permission to expand testing outside its research laboratory.
“We are rapidly experimenting and iterating on Prime Air inside our next generation research and development lab in Seattle,” the company said in a letter posted on a government website yesterday. Amazon is based in that city.

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