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Started by Joe Balkis Jan 1, 2012.

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Comment by Joe Balkis on October 1, 2015 at 20:42

Rally to protect pensions 10/2/15 10am rosemont convention center 5555n river road rosemont il

Comment by Joe Balkis on November 24, 2014 at 19:12

Unions can make us strong if they are used properly. The strength doesn't lie with the elected officials, its in the hands of the members. The leadership job should be to mobilize the membership. The moving backward slate failed to do that. The did not lead a contract campaign with escalating actions preparing for a strike if necessary. In fact they did the opposite. They went along with jrhoffa & the dancehall cabal selling us a concessionary contract. They even brought in the teamcrap used car salesmen representatives. Its been progressively worse contracts since our victory in 97. There is strength in numbers. Vote No on the contract & when the time comes vote the moving backward slate out of office.

Comment by Joe Balkis on November 22, 2014 at 2:54

Here's the text from a flyer handed out at Teamsters Local 705 meeting explaining why we should vote no on the tentative agreement.
an ind...ependent Teamsters Local 705 rank and file newsletter Nov. 16, 2014 No. 6
Vote No!
UPS management projects another $4.5 billion in profits after taxes this year. UPS is spending $1 billion to renovate hubs and create new centers in the next year with the money made from these profits.
This company gets its profits off of our hard work.
We all deserve more. We are the ones that have made this company rich. Without us no package would move. Without us UPS would not exist.
Yet, we are expected to make sacrifices. The company claims it needs us to work the day after Thanksgiving. What about our families?
The company demands a 4 year progression to top scale for full time work, instead of the already too long 3 year one.
The company can't afford more than 30--yes only 30--new 22.3 inside jobs for all of the Chicago District. It is a 14 year wait for a full-time inside job at CACH. Yet, in the 1997 contract we struck for and received 600 new 22.3 jobs, and in the 2002 contract we won another additional 500 22.3 jobs. As those past contracts prove, UPS can afford hundreds of new 22.3 jobs and we should demand them.
The company says it can't afford to keep our healthcare the same. Why not?
The company claims it can't afford to pay a living wage. Workers at greedy non-union companies like McDonald's and Walmart are striking for $15 an hour. They deserve it, our workers do too.
Yet, part-time start pay will only be $10 an hour. An increase from from the ridiculously low $8.50, but even pro-business politicians are for a $10 or more minimum wage. Anti-union Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants a $13 minimum wage in Chicago.
We can do better in Teamsters Local 705.
By voting no, we will allow our bargaining committee to go back to the table with the assurance that we are behind them in fighting for the best interests of all UPS Teamster 705 workers.
We have waited far too long for a chance to vote on a tentative agreement. We all want the raises we deserve, but we also want to make sure this contract rewards us for our hard work.
We need among other changes:
Keep our healthcare the same or better
Hundreds of new 22.3 jobs
$15 an hour and up for part-time workers

Comment by Joe Balkis on November 21, 2014 at 5:09
VOTE  NO on ups contract!
VOTE NO to smaller raises!
VOTE NO to longer progression!
VOTE NO to teamcrap!
VOTE NO for you & your family!
VOTE them out of office!
Please Forward
Comment by Joe Balkis on November 13, 2014 at 4:37
Jamel Corso Stone
I had shoulder surgery for a torn Labrum and bicep! I'm off on workers comp and these stupid idiots at Team care sends me Cobra Paperwork!!!!!
Louis Kleinworth Roslyn, Pa
Next time I call to see if something is covered I'll just ask them to give me a list of stuff that is covered ,it will be shorter
Jason Smith
furious, just left CVS to pick up a 90 day Rx for the wife. Did the same thing July 28th cost $0.... Today they want $1,655.25....
Dana Costello
TeamCare is now sending out letters to employees over the age of 65 telling them that they no longer will be paying their prescription coverage due to their eligibility to Medicare.
I fought this TeamCare harder than most and made it very clear that it would only get worse. These benefits are nothing more than an HMO that will never survive with out cutting costs. We will continue to suffer the consequences. These cost cutting measures will only get worse.
If it isn't clear by now that we all need to band together to cease this historical and continuing culture of dishonesty, it better become at some point between now and 2016.
Your livelihood is being thrown in the garbage. It is like a sinking boat. You need to first plug the leak before removing the water from the hull.
Roddog Johnson  Lincoln Park, Mi
A lil help or suggestion wife goes to urgent care feeling sick was told she has no coverage when she gave them her Insurance card. Under the old ups freights Insurance plan since we were married and work for the same company she was on my insurance and I was the primary .since married couples was not negotiated with teamcare we now have r own separate plans now the lady at the desk told her I now show up on her Insurance as the primary and she has no coverage so she thinks about it and gives them my card same thing no coverage no one is available at this time to talk to at teamcare so it's gonna be 100 dollars to see her plus what ever for her prescriptions ....I'm sick of this crap now been a nightmare for the last six months with us and numerous phone calls to get things straighten out .Now will they reimburse me? Has anyone experienced the same thing?
What if this have been a real emergency and she need to be treated at a hospital what do u do then
Comment by Joe Balkis on November 6, 2014 at 1:48

The company's stock just hit its 52 week high!! This contract is very beneficial to the company! Thank the ibt!!

Comment by Joe Balkis on November 6, 2014 at 1:13

George Stokes's photo.

Comment by Joe Balkis on November 4, 2014 at 6:26


Comment by Joe Balkis on November 3, 2014 at 13:38

TeamCare Sticks with Healthcare Cuts

 2014: The new Health Plan covering UPS Teamsters in the Southwest and New Jersey Local 177 is improving health benefits. Why won’t TeamCare?

Over the past two weeks, UPS Teamsters in most of the West and in New Jersey Local 177 got some good news in the mail: their health and welfare fund is improving benefits. 

The modifications to the plan reduce emergency room co-pays, improve dental and optical coverage, and make other changes, effective September 1.

Members have been up in arms about the cuts in health coverage from day one, and that pressure finally won some improvements.

But what about TeamCare? It’s time for the Hoffa administration to deliver more than healthcare cuts.

Comment by Joe Balkis on November 1, 2014 at 19:59

UPS Changes Pregnancy Policy, Will Try to Offer Lighter-Duty Jobs

Transport Topics

UPS is changing its policy with respect to pregnant employees and will try to accommodate them with light-duty work.


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