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Started by Joe Balkis Jan 1, 2012.

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Why Did Louisville Vote No?

The Louisville Worldport Air Supplement “final offer” from UPS management was rejected by a whopping 94% last week. That’s Teamster solidarity. 
Why are the members there so united for a better contract?
Thousands of Teamsters at the Worldport are forced to work for free, up to 30 minutes or even an hour a day. They have to wait for a shuttle at the huge airport complex to get to their work station, before they clock in, then do the same at the end of the shift. 
The shuttle system is inadequate and Teamsters, many of them underpaid part-timers, are the ones paying the price.   
Local 89 members are also fighting for more full-time combo jobs. The Worldport employs more low-wage part-timers than any UPS hub in the country. UPS agreed to create more full-time jobs in other supplements, and Local 89 is demanding a reasonable number. 
The company is counting on the International Union to force through a bad contract in Louisville as political payback because Local 89 President Fred Zuckerman has been a vocal critic of Hoffa and Hall.   
At stake is a contract covering nearly 9000 Teamsters who are getting the shaft from UPS. Teamster politics needs to take a back seat.   
Some Teamster officials have started a whisper campaign that Local 89 is “holding up the national contract” to continue a lost battle over healthcare. It’s true that Local 89 has called for enhancements in Teamcare coverage, so no members suffer any benefit reduction.  But that is just one of several issues on the table.  
UPS can easily settle the remaining supplements and ratify the national contract by bargaining over reasonable union demands.   
When it comes to dealing with the company, all Teamsters should stand as one.
Comment by Joe Balkis on Wednesday

Hoffa Gets a Raise

 Unlike many Teamsters, James Hoffa got a nice raise last year. His salary went up by $4,000 to $300,788. But there’s more: His “housing allowance” ballooned to $67,358, so his total compensation went up to $381,409. Ken Hall gets that outsized perk also; Halls’s total compensation was $301,519.
Their appointees and International vice presidents got similar “cost of living” raises, according to the union’s LM-2 2013 financial report just filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.
Our union remained the same size as the year previous: 1.258 million.
You can review the financial report of your local union. These LM-2 reports were required to be filed by March 31.   
The Teamster Rank & File Education and Legal Defense Foundation (TRF) will research  all Teamster LM-2 (and LM-3 and IRS 990) forms and will publish the results later this year.
We believe knowledge is power, and we provide it to the members. You can review a summary of last year’s report.
Comment by Joe Balkis on Tuesday

From ‘Vote No’ to Take Back Our Union

 Had enough of Hoffa, Hall and  contract givebacks? It’s time to take back our union.
Teamsters members  Voted No against concessions at UPS, UPS Freight and YRC. The Vote No movement armed James Hoffa and Ken Hall with leverage to go back to the table and negotiate contract improvements.
Instead, Hoffa and Hall have worked hand-in-glove with management to re-vote weak contracts and push through concessions.
Fed up with Hoffa, Hall and their contract givebacks, Teamster members are building a movement to take back our union.
From Vote No to Take Back Our Union
During the Vote No movement, thousands of Teamsters networked on Facebook pages like “Vote No On UPS Contract” and “No Freight Concessions.” Now these Teamsters are uniting their efforts.
“We’ve got the numbers and we’ve got the power to vote out Hoffa and Hall,” said Mark Timlin of New Jersey Local 177.  “But we’ve got to get organized.”  
Timlin started the 5000-member Facebook page Vote No on the UPS Contract.
Now he’s organizing with his eye on the 2016 Teamster election. Freight and UPS Freight Teamsters are also joining forces.
“Freight Teamsters are fed up with Hoffa and we are all in on an effort to dump him for good, elect new leadership and save our union,” said Bret Subsits, an ABF road driver in Chicago Local 710.
The first elections for  IBT Convention Delegate will be held in 18 months. Delegates vote to officially nominate candidates for IBT office and get them on the ballot.
“When Hoffa and Hall sold out the members in our contract, they woke up a lot of people. Now we’re going to take back our union,” said Rob Atkinson, a UPS driver in Local 538 in Worthington, Pa.
Comment by Joe Balkis on Monday
How Rank-and-File Power Made Big Brown Back Down
UPS was forced to rehire 250 drivers in New York City that the company fired for participating in a walkout on Feb. 26. 
Rank-and-file power and a grassroots campaign that united Teamsters, the community and UPS customers forced executives at Big Brown to back down.
Management swore the 250 firings were a done deal. UPS refused to negotiate with Local 804 and told the media they would fire all 250 drivers as soon as replacements were trained.
But a grassroots mobilization by Teamsters Local 804 members and community allies forced UPS to come to the table and agree to a settlement that puts every one of the 250 drivers back to work. 
The Local 804 campaign also won the immediate reinstatement of Jairo Reyes, the 24-year Teamster whose termination in violation of the grievance procedure set off the work stoppage on Feb. 26.
Comment by Joe Balkis on Monday
The Local 804 campaign shows what Teamster power is all about.
  • Local 804 members and community allies collected more than 125,000 petition signatures from Teamsters and public supporters.
  • Local 804 leaders won the support of dozens elected officials of who threatened to pull $60 million in contracts and deals that UPS has with New York City and the State.
  • Fired drivers reached out to their customers who spoke out on camera and in the press. UPS was flooded with thousands of phone calls and Facebook messages.
The Local 804 “Save the 250” Campaign is what Teamster Power looks like. Our union needs more of it. 
Comment by Joe Balkis on Monday

What made UPS wave the white flag? 

Read the article that tells the full story behind this winning campaign.

Local 804 members collected more than 125,000 petition signatures

Local 804 members joined forces with elected officials who threatened to pull the plug on $60 million in contracts and deals that UPS has in New York.

Drivers reached out to customers. UPS was flooded with thousands of  messages and phone calls

Comment by Joe Balkis on Sunday
Supervisors Working 
 Working at UPS is exhausting and the company always wants it done yesterday. It can be tempting to look at supervisors working as a necessary evil, even a helping hand.But supervisors aren’t helping us when they do bargaining unit work. They’re taking money out of our wallets. Whenever a supervisor works, a Teamster loses the opportunity to get extra hours, and extra money in their paycheck.Management always has an excuse for supervisors working, like blaming attendance.But the contract clearly puts the burden on the company to “maintain a sufficient workforce to staff its operations” with Teamsters and not to “send any employee home and then have such employee’s work performed by a supervisor.” (Article 7, Section 3).The contract only works if we make it work.
Comment by Joe Balkis on Sunday

Fighting Harrassment For Inside Workers

Is management handing out excessive discipline for misloads or missorts? Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your fellow Teamsters.


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