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Solidarity with the people of Egypt


Solidarity with the people of Egypt

A place for trade unionists to discuss what we can do to help our brothers and sisters in Egypt in their historic struggle for democracy.

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What the ITUC is asking affilated unions to do on 8 February:

Organise a demonstration at the Egyptian embassy in your country•  Request to meet with the Ambassador to present a letter of the concerns of trade unions •  If there is no Egyptian Embassy, please do the above actions to your Foreign Ministry •  Invite media to cover the event •  Send photos to the ITUC

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The pro-government Egyptian Trade Union Federation has issued a statement 19 Replies

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[ForeignPolicyInFocus] Beenish Ahmed: Egyptian Riot Grrrls (and a labour organiser) 1 Reply

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ITUC Calls: Lights and Shadows 2 Replies

I am delighted to see the ITUC call for solidarity with the workers and people of Egypt. I will be watching UBook and the ITUC to see what kind of response there is. I would, however, like to make…Continue

Started by peter waterman. Last reply by peter waterman Feb 6, 2011.

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Comment by Orsan Senalp on February 9, 2012 at 21:00

Egypt: Support growing for 11 February strike call | MENA Solidarit...

Posted on February 8, 2012

Calls for civil disobedience and a general strike on 11 February are gaining momentum across Egypt in the wake of the massacre of football supporters in Port Said.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions and the Egyptian Democratic Labour Congress, which between them claim a membership of around 2 million workers in affiliated unions have backed the strike call.

In addition statements promising action in solidarity on the day are being reported from regional union federations, including the 10th Ramadan City unions, the Textile Workers’ League in Kafr al-Dawwar, textile workers in the giant mills in Mahalla al-Kubra, and the Independent Union of Public Transport Authority workers in Cairo. The Cairo public transport authority workers recently occupied the Transport Authority’s headquarters demanding the resignation of management.

There is intense agitation for the strike on university campuses across Egypt. By 4 February students in 34 public universities and 6 private universities had declared their intention to strike, and over the past day individual faculties have been making their own declarations of support. Announcements by school students planning to join the strike from several of the big Alexandria secondary schools were posted on Facebook on 7 February.

Continue reading 

Comment by Matthew Allen on February 9, 2012 at 5:03

Anyone in Tokyo want to do the same thing?

Comment by Joe Balkis on February 8, 2012 at 17:14

Chicago joins the Global Day of Outrage and Solidarity for Egypt

When: Saturday, Feb. 11 - 1:00-3:00 PM
Where: Egyptian Consulate - 500 N. Michigan Ave.
As we all know, the situation in Egypt is deteriorating at all levels under the military rule. We all have seen or heard the disgusting response of the SCAF, government, and parliament to the massacre of Port Said stadium on Feb 1st. Since that massacre, several young Egy...ptians were killed in Cairo and Suez. Instead of prosecuting the killers, the rulers of Egypt are blaming and defaming the victims. Let us not forget the massacres of Magles Alwozaraa, Mohamed Mahmoud street, Maspiro, Albaloon theater, 8th of April, etc.

For these reasons, Egyptian revolutionary groups are calling for a general strike on Feb 11th, 2012, throughout the country as a first step towards a complete civil disobedience to force SCAF to transfer power to civilians. Until now more than 18 universities and collages, the general workers' union, several political parties, and all youth groups announced that they will enter a general strike on Feb 11, 2012. Even middle and high schools will be on strike on that day.

To support the Egyptian revolutionaries, Egyptians across the world are organizing a "Global Day of Outrage and Solidarity for Egypt". Please join us on Feb 11th, 2012, from 1 to 3 PM in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Chicago.
Comment by Orsan Senalp on December 20, 2011 at 21:06

Egypt: Call for global solidarity after 16 Dec army attack on prote...


Posted on December 18, 2011


Updated list of protests below – UK, Ireland, Canada, Austria, Turkey, New ZealandUSA,GermanySpainFrance  (1am 20 December)

Protesters against military rule in Egypt have appealed for global demonstrations against the latest brutal assault led by the Egyptian army on the sit-ins at the Cabinet Offices and Tahrir Square in Cairo on 16 December 2011.

By 18 December 10 people had been killed and hundreds injured in the attack. Solidarity protests were beginning to spread across Egypt and worldwide in response.

Please mobilise urgently to demand that Egypt’s military rulers immediately stop attacking protesters. Call on governments worldwide, and especially the Mubarak regime’s main backers, the USA, UK and other western states, halt arms sales to Egypt and end their financial and material support for the repressive apparatus of the Egyptian regime.Continue reading 

Comment by AMSTERDAM COK on November 25, 2011 at 8:34

International solidarity campaign is very useful .but lets think reasonably about marshal Tantawy the head of supreme council of the armed forces. This man will not leave office till he completely grantee the safety of his master "former president Mobark, his sons and other dictators kept in prison. He knows too much on them all as they know abut him too. Especially Mobark, we can imagine all arms deals buying and selling which usually defense ministers' gain from their position. This man was the right hand of Mobark. Even the council generals been appointed by Mobark therefore, their gratitude will always be to their master. That is why they stick to their positions as long as they could. The revolutionaries' demand of laying off the whole council doesn't mean the fall down of the Egyptian army. No because it is essential part of the country and their job is to protect the people not to roll it.

Unless demonstrators and international solidarity demand is strong enough, He would

Win the game and keep controlling the new puppets "new cabinet". Also, we must not

Forget the outside forces that want Egypt to be under their Mercy and always as developing country drowned in debts for the interest of Israel.       

Comment by Lorenzo Canizares on November 23, 2011 at 22:31

The vision is Superb!

Comment by Matthew Allen on November 23, 2011 at 14:28

Great stuff!

Comment by Orsan Senalp on November 23, 2011 at 9:32

Tuesday Demo in Solidarity with Cairo | Occupy Oakland

November 21, 2011 in Front PageNews

Last minute solidarity demo organized by members of Occupy Oakland in response to calls from Egyptian comrades for an international day of action to support the Egyptian people in their continued revolution. The past days have seen intense clashes in and around Tahrir square that have left dozens dead in confrontations with security forces of the current military government (SCAF – Supreme Council of the Armed Forces). The people of Egypt continue to struggle for freedom and once again we must stand with them as they have stood by Oakland.

Tuesday November 22
4:00 pm at Oscar Grant Plaza 14th & Broadway, Downtown Oakland

Letter to the Occupy Movement from comrades in Cairo 
Previous Statement from Occupy Oakland in Solidarity with Egypt


Comment by Matthew Allen on November 23, 2011 at 1:46

We've got to bring the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring together: all three worlds working together for change; I'd love to attend a joint protest...

Comment by Orsan Senalp on November 22, 2011 at 13:17

Egypt: Appeal for International Solidarity Mobilisation | MENA Soli...

Posted on November 20, 2011

A call for international solidarity with protests in Egypt
21 November, 11pm with protests in Ireland, UK and Sweden, Canada, Germany, Austria, Norway, Australia - details of London demonstration on Saturday 26 November]

[[SNU note - Lest's link this mobilisation to N30 UK, #30N Dallas General Strikes for Global Real Democracy]]

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are braving tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon and live ammunition in demonstrations against the ruling military council in Egypt. By late on 20 November there were an estimated 100,000 in Tahrir Square according to eyewitness accounts and thousands protesting in every major city in Egypt. Their demands are clear: the downfall of Marshal Tantawi and Mubarak’s generals. As of Monday around 25 people at least had been killed and 1000 injured.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions issued a call on Saturday 19 November to its 1.4 million members in affiliated unions to join the protests in Tahrir.

Our brothers and sisters in Egypt inspired us all with their courage over the past ten months. Without them, would we have seen the Occupy movement? How would our own struggles against austerity and cuts look without the model of the Egyptian revolution, and the knowledge that ordinary people can change the world?

If you are organising a protest or a picket, particularly if you can mobilise support from the trade union movement in solidarity with the call from the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions, please let us know. We will list as many protests as we can on this page. Either leave a comment on this page or email menasolidarity@gmail.com. Send us pictures and we will publish them too.

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